South Park and Adidas collabs

South Park and Adidas Collaborate on 4/20 Sneakers. Sneaker design is inspired by campus 80’s Towelie. This adidas Sneaker is made up of  a Purple terry cloth upper as a nod to the fictional stoner towel. White appears on the leather Three Stripes, heels, midsole, and Towelies eyes on the tongue.

This time we will get to see some creative collaboration of Adidas. Known for its collabs with different institutes and purpose. This Adidas shoes is all you need in your collection. It’s funky, trendy and most importantly it’s trendy. When purple seems bit loud colour, designers has did every ounce of justice to bring this design into life. And after looking at this sneaker we all want one for ourselves.

Design and features :

South Park and Adidas Collaboration

South Park and Adidas Collaboration, Sneaker design is inspired by campus 80’s Towelie.

Towelie is known for his drug addiction through out the show. So this time Adidas make sure to depict both of his state smartly and worked on details. That’s what makes this sneakers more buyable and adorable.

This South Park and Adidas has UV-sensitive material for Towelie’s eyes. When exposed, the eyes become droopy and bloodshot similar to the way Towelie’s eyes change in the show after smoking weed. The inside tongue features a hidden stash pocket that reveals some quotes of Towelie including, “Don’t Forget To Bring a Towel” and “I Have No Idea What’s Going On.”Other  details also includes keychains of Towelie in both his high and sober states.

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where to Buy these sneakers :

For authentic Product As we always recommend checking their official sites. If they are out of stock opt for trusted resellers or sites like Amazon, EBay. Always remember to check authentication of the product before buying.

This collection will launch on 20th April. Visit Adidas official site here for more such information on this soon to be launching sneaker.

And till then tell us in comments your thoughts on this South Park and Adidas. Would you like to buy from this collection?