Nikon is all set to officially announce a new flagship with its mirrorless camera. According to the reports; a pair of specs for Nikon Z9 camera is rumoured to be unveiled in Autumn 2021.

Specs leak for Nikon Z9 flagship to be announced in 2021

The new Nikon Z9 is believed to come with a mirrorless realm. This product will be a successor of the Nikon D6; which was released earlier this year.

A 45MP sensor, 20fps sustained recording, 8 K video functionality and more will reportedly feature the Nikon Z9; a flagship-level full-frame mirrorless camera.

Although experts believe that Nikon should have waited a while before replacing the former Nikon D6; Nikon; however, is of the opinion that with no other company in their range of competition; this would not be the problem.

However, with Canon expected to announce an EOS R1 flagship in near future; the spectators have been eagerly waiting to see who wins this race first in this mirrorless range. Furthermore, Sony is also believed to unveil a pro-level frame very soon.

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The Nikon Z9 flagship is rumoured to have a sensor resolution which is likely to be 46-megapixels. However, this seems to be rather unbelievable as the rumours of a 60-megapixel sensor were making rounds last September.

All these rumours stemmed from an expected and possible flagship.

However, Nikon’s flagship bodies have traditionally not been very well equipped with the highest possible resolution in the product range; as they have always concentrated on the speed.

Furthermore, maybe at some point in the future; a 60-megapixel Nikon Z8 on the path to actually replace and upgrade the D850, and be a successor to the Nikon Z9. Sony is expected to be in a neck to neck competition with Nikon.

The price of the flagship is believed to range from between $6,000 – $7,000.

For fans, 2021 is looking like a year that is already being hyped up for high-end cameras.

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