Spiritualism and its Journey

Spirituality is not a very common topic in today’s world and people do not use the word ‘spirituality’ a lot these days. But whether people believe in spiritualism or not, being human has always been spiritual! Even though society has evolved, and the world has modernized, spirituality still exists. A lot of things have transpired in the course of time, and it’s almost like a revolution. People nowadays think more from a logical perspective, unlike their ancestors who tried relying upon various Gods. People today might not be following certain rituals in the name of spirituality, but they now believe spirituality as being kind to one another… So, maybe the primitive sense has changed a bit.

Spirituality has come a long way now, even the Neuro-scientists have said and proven that certain spiritual experiences can be a personal and meaningful transcendent experience for the brain and can have a positive impact on any person who believes in it and tries to experience the path of spiritualism. Being a spiritual person is to be a person who knows how to be kind and compassionate to everyone around, but more importantly, they now know how to do the same for themselves too, to be kind and compassionate to oneself. Spirituality helps you connect yourself to your deeper self and helps you in your growth and nourishment, which hence, allows you to love others around you a tad more. The world seems to be a better place when one can finally understand himself/herself.

Bollywood and its embrace towards spirituality:

Everyone has different ways of doing things ways by which they can connect to their inner selves. A very good example can be that of Bollywood Actors. Actors like Sanjay Dutt, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, and Hrithik Roshan have different spiritual role models that they believe in and are successful in following their given path. The actors believe in the causes of their disciplines and imbibe their teachings in their day to day life. There are also some famous celebrities from Bollywood who have left everything and stepped into the world of spiritualism. Let’s take for example Vinod Khanna, the most famous and quite the handsome actor of the ’70s and ’80s moved to Osho’s Commune in the 1980s and worked there as Osho’s gardener in the name of Swami Vinod Bharti.

In addition to this, actresses like Sofia Hayat, Barkha Madan gave up their career and took the spiritual path. Spirituality lets you know that in today’s materialistic world, what matters is what you think of the world and if you are not liking it and how you feel, you should change it. Spiritualism has changed a lot of lives including a lot of renowned people. Spirituality is a path where there is nothing but hope and kindness coming your way and making you realize how the world around you can be a better place.

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