Studio Sues Logan Paul Over Controversial ‘Suicide Forest’ Video, Alleges YouTuber Torpedoed Movie Deal

Logan Paul is back in the headlines. This time for controversial ‘Suicide Forest’ video. Logan Paul is hit with a court case by a Studio because of his ‘Suicide Forest’ video. The studio alleged that Logan’s video of 2018 cost the company millions. The studio which has slapped Logan, with a lawsuit is Planeless Pictures.

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About the Logan Paul’s Lawsuit

The company claimed that it was supposed to feature in one of his videos. It also said that they even signed a contract for the same in 2016. It was actually supposed to be a movie starring Logan Paul. Logan was to play the role of his fictionalized version. The title of the movie is reported to be “Airplane Mode” and it was about modern-day trendsetters. As per the statements of Planeless Pictures, the 25-year-old star also signed a contract to write and produce the film. He did so to get huge following like other stars.

Logan Paul hit by lawsuit over controversial video 'Suicide Forest'
Logan Paul also received backlash when his video ‘Suicide Forest’ was released.

The film was reported to be released on YouTube itself. It was also meant to be delivered on social media channels to get monetized. Planeless Pictures alleged that it was a licensing deal that cost $3 million. The deal was signed with Google, but Logan Paul’s video ruined all the plans. The documents of the lawsuit say that Logan’s irresponsible and careless decisions destroyed the contract. It also alleged that Paul shared the video on purpose. Logan was already aware of the deal and still, he shared the ‘Suicide Forest’ video.

Logan Paul’s ‘Suicide Forest’ video was released in 2018. The video caused widespread anger and backlash from his fans and mental health doctors. It is because of some disturbing visuals in the video, like, the one where Paul tripped upon a dead man’s body. But at the same time, shortly the video also crossed millions of views. He said that he is shocked and was misguided. So, he then apologized to his followers.