Suicide squad (2016) movie review

Suicide squad is superhero movie based on dc comic . The movie features Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as deadshot in the lead role.
It is a plot after which superman dies. In absence of a superhero, undercover agents and CIA head Voila Davis as Amanda Waller , concerning about the security of America , suggests to release 5 topmost criminals they have in locker. The reason given that at the time of world war 2 American government made pact with gangs for the safety of their ships.
This in turn leads to release of Harley Quinn , Deadshot, Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Monster T. Kings and queens in their domain , they thought this would be a new escape route, but the condition turns otherwise. This team of criminals is know as suicide squad.

Suicide squad characters :

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag is an army officer appointed as the incharge of suicide squad with Katana, Karen Fukuhara , as his bodyguard. His girlfriend June , Cara Delevinge, is also a host for The Enchantress, a witch and the main villain of the movie. In an unfortunate event, the enchantress got escaped and releasing her brother Incubus , who together try to destroy the world. Meanwhile , the joker , Jared Leto, also tries to escape her girlfriend Harley Quinn. Also in between, Harley Quinn goes in flashback and remembers how she wanted to be with the Joker. There is a romantic encounter between them.

Rock Flag is concerned about June . The suicide squad obeys Deadshot. Deadshot is shown as the follwer of Bible . He also wears a neck band with a quote written ,’ I am my light, my way’. Initially , the suicide squad finds it difficult to cope with Rick Flag. He is also the one who is hiding the real objective of the mission framing the false story. Not soon the suicide squad realizes that they had to fight a witch.

The story hides a subtle fight between Deadshot and Rick Flag, also the story of Joker and Harley Quinn , is worth watching. Full of action pact and thrill , this movie drives to the another level. The movie is different from another movies in a view that it has not sad emotions , instead the madness of criminals is worth watching. Also the essence Margot Robbie brings in her character of Harley Quinn is woth watching. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is worth watching. My rating for this movie is 8/10.

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