Sylvian sylvian New York Dolls Guitarist, Dies at 69 after battling with Cancer.

Sylvian sylvian dies at 69:

Sylvian Sylvian dies at 69, World has lost yet another gem. He was New York Dolls Guitarist and battling with cancer for 2 years. He lost his battle and said Goodbye to world on Wednesday, 13th January 2021. And is known for his rock style. Sylvian Mizrahi, popularly known as Sylvian Sylvian was a great musician.

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Sylvian Sylvian music career:

  • He was a part of Band New York Dolls, main guitarist. (1971-1978)
  • Before that, he also plays in a Band called Actress having some members of the New York Dolls
  • After New York Dolls disbanded in 1977, he launched his solo career.
  • Then he founded a band called “The criminals” along with Tony machine.
  • since then he started getting song contracts and came into the limelight.
  • In his entire career, he collaborated with many solo artists and bands.
  • In 2004 New York dolls Reunited and released albums like Dancing backward in heels.
  • Listen to personality crisis by New York Dolls Here.

Sylvian Sylvian personal life :

He was born in Egypt, but in 1951 his family shifted to France than the United States. He was dyslexic as a child. but the music was always his escape. Sylvian is known for his fashion sense because prior to being a musician he ran a clothing business along with a friend. Born on 14th February 1951, Sylvian Sylvian dies at 69.

Sylvian Battling cancer:

Sylvian was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. since then he was raising funds for his medications. His death news was shared on his official Facebook page. Seems like the 2020 curse isn’t really ending in early 2021. We keep losing great artists.

Rock music :

Sylvian sylvian dies at 69
Sylvian Sylvian dies at 69

Sylvian Sylvian in New York Dolls or any other band said to be one of the pioneers of rock and punk music. He plays Bass along with Guitar. However his skills is something, no one can match till now. He lightens up the stage and has numerous fans for his style. Now that he is no more his music will always be with us.

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