‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Dustin Diamond Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer :

Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer And hospitalized in Florida. This “Saved by the bell” Actor got tested, as he is experiencing pain all over his body. Dustin’s representative told the media. He is getting ready for chemotherapy first round. Apart from it is stage four cancer, no more details have known. But, his representative has given the address where his fans can send Get well soon cards.

To find out more details about Dustin’s diamond read further.

More details on Diamond’s illness :

As of now we only know, that he is diagnosed with cancer and that to the 4th stage. His friend revealed that there was a huge lump on his throat for quite some time, and experiencing pain. But he was too afraid to seek medical help. It is confirmed that cancer is serious as Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer We wish him a speedy recovery.


Dustin Diamond is one of those lucky actors who got everything at a very young age. He cast in “saved by the bell” as a screech when he was just 12. After that, there is no turning back. He started his career at 12 and then acted in several movies. At 23, he stared in the college version of this teenage series “saved by the bell”.

Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer
Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

But, if you are famous and in the public eye 24X7 and that to grin this young age. There are numerous controversies that connect with them. Being famous is one thing and To handle that fame is an art. And not everyone is an artist. This 80s Heartthrob has stormed himself with controversies no one ever thought about it. He was in jail for 4 months, on the charges of having possession of a knife in the bar. Which ended up stabbing a man. This saved by the bell actor has another controversy as a sex tape. Despite going through all of this he is a strong man and we believe he will recover soon.

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  • Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer, 4th stage.
  • He is getting his first round of chemotherapy.
  • He is in an unknown hospital in Florida.
  • Dustin got tested after experiencing body pain and a lump on his throat.
  • More details are not shared as of now.