R. Kelly took to his Instagram account to perform a new version of his 2011 song ‘Shut Up’. The disgraced artist is currently confined in Chicago and awaits a hearing for sex trafficking and racketeering charges.

R. Kelly posted the new verse of his song on his birthday. The musician is now 54 years old. Although, we don’t know what his followers and fans have to say about his appearance on social media. But he was last seen on social media platform one year ago. R. Kelly posted last on social media on his 53rd birthday. The post was related to a concert on his birthday.

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Singer R. Kelly recreates song Shut Up, waiting for trail for sex trafficking.

R. Kelly is facing charges for child porn, sex trafficking, racketeering and forced labor.

Artist R. Kelly and the series of federal charges-

Although R. Kelly is incarcerated and waiting for the trail, the new lyrics of the recreated song reads that a tsunami of rumours is trying to wipe away his career. The song also went on to say that he had a blessed career of 22 years and he has got many people to hate him. But he has got people to love him too. In Feb, R. Kelly was accused of criminal sexual abuse, and he was imprisoned in July for sexual crimes.


R. Kelly was indicted in New York for transporting girls and women across borders for the purpose of sex, in July. R. Kelly is also facing charges for child porn, human trafficking and racketeering. He was regularly accused of harassment of children, and he was also associated with a sex cult.

R. Kelly is facing a total of 18 number of court charges, that include kidnapping and bonded/forced labour too. The new version of R. Kelly’s song serves little purpose in front of all the charges. In the video, he is stands with his arms spread and he is also holds championship belts. Kelly’s real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly.