Grimes is battling corona virus but says she’s ‘Weirdly enjoying it’

Grimes battling corona virus, but she is enjoying her DayQuil fever dreams. let's find out more details what she meant by enjoying it .


Grimes Battling coronavirus:

Grimes Battling coronavirus but she is enjoying her DayQuil fever dream. As she enjoying this phase seems like symptoms are very mild. She is Elon musk’s girlfriend and they have a son together
xÆA-XII. However, it is not clear if Elon musk and their son contracted this virus or not. We hope they are safe and speedy recovery to Grimes.

What is DayQuil fever dreams?

DayQuil is a combination drug that reduces fever and pain. It has a mild sleeping effect therefore enjoying DayQuil fever dreams is rough translates like this. However, it is not clear what Grimes meant when she wrote in the post.

Symptoms occurring with Grime Battling coronavirus:

She hasn’t revealed many details apart from contracting it. It is not good to judge someone with their social media posts. But in her post, she seems pretty chill about it. So it seems like her symptoms are mild and we hope that is the case.

However, symptoms of coronavirus vary from person to person. So only Grime can tell us what she is suffering. For that, we have to wait till her next update.

Grime and Elon musk :

Grimes battling corona virus
Grimes battling coronavirus

Grime is the girlfriend of now the richest man in the world.  Many ventures of Elon like SpaceX is around the corner. So, many are speculating if Elon musk and their son are safe or not. Elon Musk and Grimes revealed their relationship in 2018. And Elon musk tweeted in 2020 that they are expecting a son together.

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Grimes Music career :

Grimes focuses mainly on the Electropop genre. She is a Canadian musician and her real name is Claire Boucher. Enjoy her song “Delete forever” here while she is enjoying her DayQuil fever dreams.

Highlights :

  • Musician Grimes is battling coronavirus. But strangely she is enjoying this phase.
  • In an Instagram post, she wrote finally got covid and enjoying DayQuil fever dreams.
  • As her post is light-hearted seems like her symptoms are also very mild.
  • However, If Elon musk and their son tested positive or not it is not clear yet.
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