All of GOT7 decides not to re-sign with JYP Entertainment in Detailed

There is a piece of recent news that All of GOT7 decides not to re-sign with JYP Entertainment in Detailed. It is reported on the sixth of January that Yugyeon will be soon joining his new contract with AOMG after re-signing the contract with JYP Entertainment by this month He told that he has so many opportunities to join a different company but after all, he decided to join the AOMG.All of GOT7 decide not to re-sign with JYP Entertainment

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It Has been conformed by JYP entertainment that the GOT7 contract get expire soon and we will inform you after it gets ready. Well GOT7 is the seven-member from JYP entertainment and he had debuted in the year two thousand fourteen. He has won the two thousand twenty Asian Musc Award and also the best performer of the year two thousand twenty Artist Awards. It is reported from our sources that On tenth January he has stated to a social media platform that he will be resigning from JYP Entertainment.Netizens Are Reacting To The Possibility Of GOT7's Yugyeom Signing With AOMG - Koreaboo

JYP Entertainment is worried that how they will transfer their all members and also they were discussing the various strategies and ways to keep the group together they also consult all the members at the end of the contract. Some members are also thinking to rejoin the different path for their future careers.GOT7's Yugyeom Reported To Leave JYP Entertainment And Sign With AOMG + JYP Responds | Soompi

It has been decided by JB Leaders that they are ready to start A fresh setup he also getting the full support of the Solo artist. The public has the attention and they are focused on the members for promoting a group. Till then keep updated with us if we get any update regarding this we will inform you.

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