Tony Rebel announces Rebel Salute going virtual for 2021 staging

Rebel Salute going virtual for 2021 staging is good news. Isn’t it? Because we all have seen how the COVID-19 crisis has forced promoters across the world to come up with innovative ideas. Several famous shows like the Jamaica Festival Song Competition and Reggae Sumfest followed the trend and contributed with their special ideas. The same trend followed in the case of Rebel Salute. The organisers have made an announcement about Rebel Salute going virtual for 2021 staging. It is a reggae festival of 2 days.

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Rebel Salute going virtual for 2021 staging
Tony Rebel announced this decision due to the pandemic.

Rebel Salute going virtual for 2021-

The promoter of the show- Tony Rebel shared this news with media. He announced the news of Rebel Salute going virtual on Jan 15 and 16. Tony also said that he is concerned about the safety of the fans and that they have decided to opt for virtual staging because of the pandemic. He also told the media that they do not have any problem with the Rebel Salute going virtual. They are comfortable with the option of virtual staging for 2021. Tony expressed his views on virtual streaming and said that he has observed how fans across the world always catch live streaming.

Rebel informed the fans that there will be live performances and he can only share this much information. He excited the public by promising that it will be a special edition. For those unaware, the show is being held every year. It has been a tradition for almost 28 years, and it began on Rebel’s birthday. It was a one-time celebration of Rebel’s birthday. But it converted into a tradition and a ritual. The people who visit from overseas contribute to 49% of the total audience. Rebel Salute broke records when it declared as the first music festival to secure exemption from the Dangerous Drugs Act. The attendees were allowed to consume marijuana in a small amount as a part of the ritual.