Selena Gomez Debuts in her Spanish single ‘De Una Vez’. Let’s find out more details about this track.

Selena Gomez debuts new Spanish single:

Selena Gomez debuts New Spanish single and shared a heartfelt post about it. After ‘Taki Taki’ she is all set to make Selenators groove on her new Spanish single called ‘De Una Vez’ (literal translation: once upon a time).

When it comes to Embracing ethnicity, no one does it better than Selena. She’s always open about her culture, ethnicity. And told her fans how she always wanted to learn Fluent Spanish. She is a proud third Generation American-Mexican she revealed in an interview.

so, let’s find out more about her new single ‘De Una Vez’ and the story behind it.

‘De Una Vez’:

She released her Spanish song just a couple of hours ago, her fans just can’t stop talking about it. Selena Gomez debuts a new Spanish single and Revealed that this is the beginning of something new. Her fans supported her in every step. Even in an interview she jokingly said “ Don’t mess with me my fans will come at you”. Now that she came up with something totally new, fans couldn’t stop talking about ‘De Una Vez’.

Twitter is already trending with praises pouring for her new single. She always wanted to learn Spanish and song in Spanish, now this is happening after more than a decade she started her career. This is more than expected.

Listen to her new Spanish single De Una Vez Here!  And we assure that you totally couldn’t stop replaying it.

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Is De Una Vez, Selena’s first Spanish song:

Selena Gomez debuts New Spanish single
Selena Gomez debuts New Spanish single ‘De Una Vez ’

If we look at this song as a single, then yes this will be, Definitely the first Spanish single. But in past, she collaborated on songs like Taki Taki. Which has gained lots of popularity and we expect this for De Una Vez as well. However, it is her long-awaited dream to have her own Spanish single. And as quoted by her there’s more to come.

Do you like Selena’s new Spanish single? English or Spanish which version of Selena’s song you prefer? Or is it both.