Tatsumaki Bot How to use and List of Tatsumaki Bot Commands [UPDATED 2020]


Tatsumaki Bot-The channel of discord is widely used by gamers all around the world. It is known for its bots and functions. It consists of voice chat services and the text chat aspects of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Discord is also available on web browsers. the main function of discord was for online gamers to use as an alternative to voice chat features like TeamSpeak, Ventrillo. Because the in-game tools do not function properly, gamers use this as an alternative.

Moreover, you can also start a voting contest over any topic or add search options to discord. The bot automatically kicks out spam users and sends them an auto-generated reason.  One of its widely used bots is the Tatsumaki bot.

What does the Tatsumaki bot do?


It helps provide a complete answer for XP and Rating on their servers. they do this to make it interesting like forums. It also provides member profiles, level and chat modification along with many amazing fun stuff. Tatsumaki also has many utilities and commands. The ranking system and credits of the discord users is also provided by Tasumaki. You can also customize your server according to your needs. Such as set welcome message, notification, change the name to your liking etc.

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General FAQ’S :

  1. How do I get my discord Bot online?

For making bot on mobile or any device (not in pc), you shall download bot commander for discord from play store and put your bot’s token there and click host then your bot will be online.

2. How do I use a discord bot?

Visit website of the bot you want then click on add bot then choose the server you want then verify the captcha and then you are all set.
3. How do I get a discord bot?
Search on google for discord bots, you will find a lot of bots. Or to get direct download link visit our telegram channel given at the end of this article.

List of Commands for Tatsumaki Bot

here’s the entire list of commands that the tatsumaki bot uses:

Basic Commands:

@Tatsumaki: Chat with the bot

t!info [user]: shows information of the user

t!ping: to check whether the bot is online

t!shared [user]: shows the servers your bot shares with others

t!help [command]: shows the list of commands

t!support: post a link to the tatsumaki server

t@stats: shows stats of the bot

t!server: displays information of the current server

t!channel[#channel][topic]: shows details about the current ID. it also shows notifications enabled, plugins disabled & whether persistence is abled or not.

t!role [@role]: shows information about the guilde role

t!avatar <[user 1][user 2][user 3] [user 4]> <server>: one can use Up to 4 users can be selected.

t!usage <command/server> [command]: displays the no. of people used the command

t!changelog: shows changelog of the bot form other servers

Social Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t!phonebook [call | list | pickup | decline | hangup]: permits calls from one server to other

t!profile [@user]: displays a customizable personal global profile card.

t!dailies [@user]: give or receive daily credits

t@phonebook: opens the channel’s call mangement

t!top [global | server ] [page]: visit the page with the  most servers and XP.

t!setinfo [text]: Set the text shown on your profile infobox. there can be Maximum of 125 characters

t!rank [@user]: shows server rank cards

t!background: edit profile

t!credits [user ] [amount]: check the credits given or awarded

t!reputation [@user]: give reputation points

Fun Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t!numberfacts [number]: receive facts about no.s

t!cat: gives a random cat

t!reverse <text>: makes the input backwards

t!fortune [category]: receive fortunes form various categories

t!8ball [question]: ask a question to the 8ball

t!image <subreddit > [–nsfw] [–day | –week | –month | –year | –all]: get a random image

t!coin: flip a coin

t!choose <option > | <option > | [option] | [ … ]: chooses for you

t!catfacts: facts about cats

t!dice [(rolls) d(sides)]: Roll dice with 6 sides

t!rps [rock | paper | scissors]: play rock, papers and sissors

t!cookie <@user>: provide a cookie

t!psychopass <@user>: make the Sibyl System check anyone

Utilities Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t!urban <Search Terms >: Search and return modern definitions of dictionary

t!wiki <Search Terms >: search and bring back wikipedia articles

t!youtube <Search Terms >  search and bring back youtube videos

t!stocks <Stock Symbol >: provides stock information

t!todo [ add | remove | clear | list]: to-do list

t!shorten <Link URL> [Vanity URL]: make short links

t!strawpoll <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ]: creates a stawplol with many organs

t!vote <start | check | end> [t:<topic >] | <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ]: start a vote

t@rss <add | list | remove>: displays the RSS fed menu.

Configuration Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t@timezone: set time zones for server in order to receive notifications

t@notify: enable/disable notifications for channels

t@disable: disable some specific commands

t@autorole: lets the bot to automatically assign roles for users

t@prefix: makes a custom prefix of your guilde

t@ignore: ignore all commands on set channel

t@goodbye: makes a goodbye notification

t@enable: renables the disabled commands

t@botspeak: enables/disable talking to the bot

t@persistence: enable/disable gain points and XP

t@welcome: configures a welcome message

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Management Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t@blacklist <add/remove/clear > [id ]: adds a user to the server blacklist

t@scores [add <@user > <score >]: manage server boards and scores

t@ban <@user > [ban message ]: ban a user

t@prune <1-1000 > [user ] | [“string” ] | [ bots | images | mentions | links]: Prunes the specified number of messages from the channel.

t@help [command]: shows a list of moderated commands

t@kick <@user > [kick message]: kicks a user while sending him a message

NSFW Commands: Tatsumaki Bot

t@nsfw]: open menu

t!image <subreddit > —nsfw: searches for random subredditt images by Imgur

t!gelbooru [tag 1 ] [tag 2 ] [ … ]: permits searching random images on gelbooru board and supply tags

t!danbooru [tag]: permits the same thing as above but in the Danbooru board

How to use a Tasumaki bot

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How to add NSFW bots in Discord

To Add an NSFW bot in discord is the same as how one adds a regular bot. there are 4 steps involved in adding bots:

-Log In Discord.

-Invite the bot

-Select The Server.

-Authorize The bot. After which discord will reveal the bot’s powers

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Is mee6 bot safe??

The MEE6 bot is a tool that gives the user full control on creating command of his choice. By creating commands, the user is automatically able to manage discord support. and he also does not require any help. this bot can be said as an alternative to the Tatsumaki bot.

as for the above question, it can be safely said that the mee6 bot is completely safe to use. In fact, the mee6 bot is generally recommended to others. Its tools greatly increase the  manageability of discord and make it more fun and interesting.


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