Tesla Plans to Produce Electric Car Chargers in China, Document Shows.

Tesla Plans to Produce Electric Car Chargers:

Tesla Plans to Produce Electric Car Chargers in China. The Us firm has submitted documents to Shanghai Authorities.  Tesla has made this move because of its mission to expand its electric vehicle sales worldwide.

Tesla  to Produce Electric Car Chargers

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BREAKING: Tesla plans to produce electric car chargers in China, docu


Why Tesla chose China?

China offers heavy subsidies for electric vehicles because it wants to cut down on pollution caused by diesel and petrol vehicles. Also, it’s a big challenge to have electric charging points for vehicles worldwide. China is expanding its network for the same.

 How Tesla plans to do it?

Tesla already sells its electric cars in China and wants to sell sports utility vehicles soon. By 2021, it plans to make a huge investment in anew factory for making chargers, near its car manufacturing plant in Shanghai.

Tesla and renewable energy:

Tesla is leading the world revolution in making Electric cars. This is a well-planned effort to cut down on pollution, global warming, etc. It uses renewable and solar energy, for homes and businesses. Tesla and Nvidia use AI or artificial intelligence for improving their products.  The AI used is based on machine learning.

Why an Electric car is the car of the future?:

Cheaper to run and maintain for the owners because it has much lower running costs. It needs one-third of the cost of petrol. Better for the environment as it’s less polluting. Fewer pollutants mean more clean air and a healthy you. Since its being developed now it has more safety benefits than a conventional car. It’s important to use clean energy and air, also to avoid unpredictable corona pandemic.

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