Steam Autumn Sale: FIFA 21 Death Stranding, Marvel’s Avengers and More

Steam Autumn Sale:

Steam Black Friday sale officially Steam Autumn Sale is live. There is a sale on games such as FIFA 21 Death Stranding, Marvel’s Avengers, and More. Some old games that are popular such as the witcher 3, StarWars Jedi, redemption are also available at discounted prices again. Fans are extremely excited.

Steam Autumn Sale
Steam Autumn Sale

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Steam voting:

As per the norm, you can vote for your favorite games and badges online. These offers are available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s the fifth Steam sales and by participating you can earn badges and XP.  You can determine the nominations in each category till December.

 Steam art:

All the steam themed art is available in the new point shops till December. Fans are going crazy for the collectibles and points. Fans can create their own artwork by utilizing the background given by steam. You cant put your own artwork though. You can earn points through purchasing games and other items and contributing to the Steam community. Frames like Avtaar can be bought through these points.

The sale :

The major sale is held every 6 months and the minor one every 3 months.  Festivals such as Halloween and Christmas mark the beginning of the sale. The steam sale is held a week before these major festivals.

Meanwhile speaking of games and sales:

Playstation is also offering sales on Black Friday. Playstation is offering an exclusive discount on games such as Tsushima, FIFA 21, Legions WatchDogs, etc. The discount is valid on both PS4 and PS5 games. On other days these games are available at regular prices. For those fans who were disappointed as Ps5 went out of stock, this is a golden opportunity.

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