Best FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode to watch in 2020. Here is the curated thanksgiving episode list

Friends Thanksgiving episode:

No one celebrates Thanksgiving like friends. To Monica cooking delicious thanksgiving meals, from all 5 having each other to lean on. And how can we forget Rachel’s Infamous Trifle.

Here is the list of some best Friends Thanksgiving episodes so you will not feel lonely anymore in this COVID ridden year.

1. “The one with all the Thanksgivings”

(Season 5, Episode 8 ) Year 1998:

Best friends thanksgiving episode list will be incomplete without this episode . Remember Monica and joey wearing Turkey as hat. This episode has its different fan base. All  friends recollecting their worst thanksgivings. Chandler’s trauma of Thanksgiving is also explained in this  thanksgiving episode.

This episode is real emotional roller coaster. When Monica dances with turkey on her head to make chandler laugh that part can burst anyone in laughter, but when Chandler confess his love to her and freaked out. That was really a emotional and smooth transition.

Best friends thanksgiving episode
Best friends thanksgiving episode

2. “ The one where Ross Got high”

 (Season 6 Episode 9) Year 1999

This is like a another thanksgiving gem to discover.  Monica’s inviting her parents to thanksgiving dinner, to make them like chandler.  They disliked chandler because they thought he smoke pot back in college.Ross had to confess he did it .

And Rachel got the duty to make dessert. And she mixed shepherds pie and toghether Ross’s “ It tastes like a feet” quote is still famous . It is really a funny thanksgiving episode to watch.

3. “ The one with the rumour”

( Season 8, Episode 9) Year 2001:

This is one of the those episode you will never want to skip. Ross Is being a cofounder of I hate Rachel Club.Joey finishing entire turkey wearing Phoebe’s maternity pants. Because we all know How well Tribbiani’s can eat. And more importantly cameo of Brad Pitt. This episode is too good to be not considered in this list.

4. “ The one where underdog Gets away” (Season 1, 1994):

This episode is  a friends thanksgiving tradition starter episode. In this very first Rachel and Monica forgets to “Got the keys”while going upstairs to watch the lost underdog. It is like the best friends thanksgiving episode. Rachel, Monica, chandler, Joey,and phoebe realising nothing wrong will happen until  they have each other’s shoulder. Joey being happy getting bigger bread he wished for

Every season of  friends have thanksgiving episodes. But these are the Four Best friends  thanksgiving episode to consider watching this thanksgiving.

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