Gabourey Sidibe is Engaged to boyfriend Brandon Frankel , see how .

Gabourey Sidibe Got Engaged:

Gabourey Sidibe got engaged to boyfriend Brandon Frankel on Tuesday 24 Nov. She shared this great new via Instagram. Gabourey  sidibe posted video showing her ring and  a photo of the same.

You can easily see how overwhelmed she was, At that moment. Gabourey  has also written long captions revealing her feelings and how happy she is.

She wrote : How people thinks that they are married. But it shows couples intention towards each other. “I get to hold him forever ”. It is clear that how much Gabourey sidibe  is happy as she is  getting married to her BFF.

How Brandon Frankel proposed :

From their Instagram feeds seems like Brandon chose very traditional way. Having a room packed With roses will you marry me ? Written all over, Champaign and obviously the cat.

Later Brandon share photo of his cat. Wearing tag ‘Will you marry my daddy’. How can anyone will say no to this beautiful proposal. And yes Gabourey sidibe Got  engaged.

How Her Relationship with Brandon Frankel bloomed :

Gabourey sidibe got engaged
Gabourey Sidibe got engaged

Gabourey Sidibe and Brandon frankel is the couple who has never been afraid Of PDA. From their cozy selfies to posing with their cats.they have it all.

Gabourey Sidibe Revealing her ideal man :

Gabourey Sidibe is  always been vocal about how she is not looking for love until 2019.  And That’s when she met her Mr. Perfect Brandon Frankel.

In an interview when ask to describe her ideal type, Gabourey sidibe  replied she is not looking for something fancy. Someone who can make her Laugh and reads a lot is an ideal match for her.

In 2017 Gabourey sidibe is also in a news as she was diagnosed With diabetes type 2. And had to undergo laparoscopy to keep her weight under check.


  • Gabourey sidibe is engaged to boyfriend Brandon frankel.
  • 37 years old “precious” actor is more than happy in this phase of her life
  • Branden opted more traditional way to ask this most important question, rather than being lavish.
  • she wrote on her Instagram Brandon Frankel is funniest man she know, and how he is making her laugh, we can say  Gabourey sidibe got engaged to her ideal man.

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