Twitter bug allows users to see and download Fleets on public accounts past the 24- hours expiration date.


Twitter bug on public account where users can download and see the Fleet even after its expiration. Hence, Twitter is currently working on the situation. To resolve this issue.

What is Fleet ?:

Fleet Is Twitter’s Newly launched feature. It allows user to post something which disappears in 24 hours.

Features like stories on Instagram and status on WhatsApp is the same as the fleet. As this issue never occurred in the other two App how Twitter will resolve this issue at their earliest is not clear.

Is it any threat to users safety :

Being any threat is just not as clear as of now. But if users are posting something only for 24 hours. It is meant to be that way.
otherwise, users will just Tweet it rather than posting on Fleet.

This Twitter bug on a public account is not that big a privacy threat for users. As you can see only what the user is posting be it fleet or full tweet.

How this bug came into account ?:

Twitter bug on public account
Twitter bug on public account

This glitch is reported by TechCrunch. Twitter acknowledged this issue and currently, Twitter is working on this. Twitter said they have stored fleets data for 30 days and they are sending URLs of the deleted fleet back to the users.
Developers are trying their best to resolve this issue. We can get a glitch-free fleet in a matter of day or two.

Twitter Trends for Twitter bug :

As soon as this issue addressed Twitter users can’t help themselves, but giving their feedback. Many of them tweeted that if a user is posting something for 24 hours. It has to be that way.

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Feedback on Fleet :

When Twitter added this feature many were not happy. Saying every app doesn’t really need  24 hours features like this. Some users were happy so they can add something which will eventually disappear. All and all there was a mixed reaction.

Conclusion / Highlights :

Twitter’s newly added feature fleet which is meant to disappear after 24 hours is not disappearing. Twitter is diligently working on it.