Twitter Announces New Policies Amid Hunter Biden’s Leaked Content

Recently a post got viral of Democratic Party Lead Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. The US Presidential Election, 2020 is knocking at the door. And in such a situation, the candidate can’t afford any kind of controversy. Twitter announces new policies over the issue.

It is the high time to earn respect from the netizens to win the election. But seems Joe has put himself in a big blunder unknowingly. Well, the spoke person from the Democratic party denies all the allegation and made clearance on the matter.

Upon the controversy, Twitter changes its policy overnight and Twitter announces new policies. The social media platform restricts access to any controversial content and they will have a proper check on that.

Twitter announces new policies to make sure they are not accused of any content and taking the safe side. CEO Jack Dorsey stated that they won’t publish any content without context and block the link to stop further sharing.

However, they will continue their previous policy with certain necessary changes. They won’t block the content not directly shared by hackers and allow users to retweet.

Twitter announces new policies but that did not go well with many because of the media ethics. Donald Trump also react to the news and asked why they remove the content. Twitter not yet come-up with any clearance for the sudden changes though.

Twitter announces new policies
Joe And Hunter

Coming to the leaked content it shows some sexual involvement of Hunter Joe with some unknown lady and some arousing photographs. Also, it contains private emails that show former vice-presidents engagement in sons’ business.

Republicans though deny the mail and they said Joe Biden has nothing to do with Hunter’s business and he was pretty much handling his business all alone.

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