Jacob Trembley Plays Young Justin Bieber in Emotional ‘Lonely’ Music Video.

Justin Bieber: Jacob Trembley plays young Justin Bieber in an emotional Music Video Lonely. The music video Lonely is a sneak peek into  Bieber’s early life. The star Jacob Tremblay is about 14 years old depicts Bieber’s struggle because of the pressure of fame.

 The video reveals Jacob dressed like Bieber staring at his reflection in the mirror, in an empty dressing room. It symbolizes how life can get lonely because of stardom, especially for a young person like Bieber. Justin feels it’s powerful to reveal vulnerability and all of us feel a little lonely at times.

 Justin Bieber rose to fame with the success of his youtube videos. The Canadian singer is also a songwriter and plays multiple instruments. At the age of 16, he released his hit album My world with the chart-topper song Baby.


Jacob and Justin:  Jacob Trembley is a young, Canadian actor, playing Justin in Lonely. Justin says he was emotional after seeing Jacob play him. Jacob was performing in theatre with only Justin in the audience.

The person Justin: His’ father Jeremy Bieber separated from his mother when he was a toddler. Justin had an on-off relationship with singer and actress Selena Gomez before he married Hailey Baldwin. Maybe all this caused the loneliness he experienced at a very young age. He has evolved with age and is a mature, strong person now.

faith and philanthropy:  Justin is a believer in Jesus Christ. Many of his tattoos are of religious significance. Bieber supports many organizations like Pencils of Promise. It builds schools in developing countries like Guatemala.

Justin the fashion icon: From purple cardigans to the trendy outfits, Justin’s style has evolved. He owns a line of clothing. Bieber’s style is trendy yet comfortable. Justin is launching a brand of crocs soon.

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