The Nintendo Game & Watch can run Doom, supposedly. Watch how someone makes this tiny system run an actually good game.

Game & Watch: You heard that right. Apparently, the tiny little system can run Doom of all things. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Doom’s a hard game to run. How on earth is this little clock running it?”

I’ll explain it.

Doom? On my Game & Watch? It’s more likely than you think.

First of all, just know that this didn’t come easy. As you already know, this system is only built to run three games. So getting it to run something it wasn’t even programmed to run is out of the question. Or at least it was until hackers came along and had some fun with it. By injecting the code into the game system, they could essentially trick the console into running Doom.

However, there was still another problem.

The game was, overall, still too hard for the tiny little thing to run. Think about it. It’s only built to run maybe Mario Bros, and Game & Watch. These are simple games that came way before Doom, and did very little in comparison. Doom is a fluid game, full of motion that these old geezers simply didn’t have. But, there was a solution that hackers found to the problem.

Simply remove some parts. It sounds complicated, but it actually is a little simple. The hackers removed some bits that weren’t entirely necessary for the game to run. Textures, features, as long as it didn’t break the game when removed, they took it out. Kind of like when a boat is sinking, people lightened the load. They injected the game this way, tricking the system into running the program that the system itself could handle. From there on, it was simply a matter of coping with the very meager control scheme of the tiny system.

Personally, I’m not sure why you’d play it on one of these when there’s a five dollar Switch version right there. But hey, whatever floats your ship I guess.

Below you can find a video of the process:

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