Pokémon Master Collection Leaks Online: Major Rumor Concerning Next Installment Gets More Information

By now you’ve heard the hesitant news. People are scared to admit is, but Pokémon Master Collection might actually be a real thing. Fans sure are skeptical about the rumors. These rumors emerged from all over the internet, about a Pokémon Master Collection set to release in 2021.

Much earlier this month, a listing on a UK retailer suggested that a game collection for Pokémon was on the rise, and was real. It was set and scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch in 2021. This adds to a number of other rumors we’ve heard down the vine about Pokémon games. There’s been scanty evidence of this leak being fake.

According to this listing, the games included in the throwback bundle are Red, Gold, and Ruby. This, among other things, has been one of the major reasons fans believe this news to be fake. However, it stands to reason that this leak has gained a lot of attention, so could that verify it to be true? Most leaks, more often than not, die out after a few days. This one however, has persisted in the light of a dry season for Pokémon fans.

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Could the Pokémon Master Collection be real?

Pokémon Master Collection

For one thing, this game set is awfully specific. Why not use Crystal instead of Gold, or Emerald instead of Ruby? It doesn’t match the usually uniform nature of Pokémon’s natural gravitation. Additionally, Joe Merrick, an avid member of the Pokémon community, has done some research on this event. He declares the facts don’t add up, and has promoted the idea that these leaks are fake. However, Merrick has also had other business within the Pokémon community. His involvement could mean one of two specific things.

It could either mean the leaks really are fake because he actually did research, or it could mean that he was tipped off by Game Freak to cover the leaks up by using his public reputation. He’s done both sorts of things before. It really is anyone’s guess if this leak has any sort of main say.

Another piece of convincing evidence towards this Pokémon Master Collection’s chances at being real are what infamous leakers have said about it. One leaker, hoping to remain anonymous said “people hating on Mario All-Stars would be grumpy with Pokémon.” This fits the bill of our leak. Whether it is real or not, Pokémon are still looking forward to anything that might come out of Game Freak, for the better or worse.