The Mandalorian AR Experience Brings the Star War Series into Your Home.

The Mandalorian AR Experience: 

The Mandalorian AR Experience Brings the Star War Series into Your Home. Google and Luca’s films have partnered to bring the augmented reality (AR) app to your phone.  This feature will be available only on select phones like 5 G phones, such as LG wing, Motorola Edge +, One plus 8, oppo, etc.

The Mandalorian AR Experience
The Mandalorian AR Experience

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The Mandalorian AR Experience app

What is AR:

Augmented Reality Apps are software applications that merge the digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment.  This means an enhanced experience of video and audio of the movie or game you are watching or playing. Welcome to the future of reality that is Augmented reality.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda:

The Mandalorian is a bounty hunter from the Star Wars movie. His duty is to find the alien child Baby Yoda and kill it. He however helps the baby survive and escape. In the AR game, you can interact with these two iconic characters and discover hidden features. this guarantees a great  The Mandalorian AR Experience. 

 The Star Wars App:

You can download it from Google App play. The Star Wars App is an AR app with surround sound. You can recreate the iconic scenes in the movie Star Wars with this App. There are many contests and news also. Immerse yourself in the  AR App and enjoy.

 Fun and Games:

The video games are for fun but you need an online connection for this. Not anymore,  there is a list of games now that can be played offline.  Hence it can be played on your phone any time and any place also, it wouldn’t occupy much space. Games such as free-fire, cover fire,  Carx Highway Racing, Detective story, etc are available.

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