The New ALTBalaji Mod APK Hack Download [Premium Fully Unlocked!!]

ALTBalaji was created 3 years ago but has scored big time in the streaming/ entertainment industry. It has created many Mods, and now ALTBalaji Mod APK 2020.11.26 has become available. But many don’t know what ALTBalaji is or who created it.

Introduction of ALTBalaji Mod APK

ALTBalaji Mod APK

On the homepage, there is a slideshow of a couple of their more famous webs series. As you scroll down, the web series are divided into several genres and groups. Some of them include:

  • Trending
  • Drama
  • Romantic Stories
  • Youth
  • Supernaturals & Thrillers

When you select a web series, it takes you to the series’ page. It shows the series’ seasons and episodes, as well as more details . You can share it, add to your favourites, watch the show, or just the trailer. It’s very professional and modern-looking. There are also categories at the such as Home, Shows, Movies, Comedy, and Music Videos.

What is ALTBalaji?

This app is an Indian platform for web series, movies, and other productions. It’s available through a subscription and it is on demand, as well. This app was Balaji Telefilms’ chance at entering the entertainment/ streaming business and be able to produce content that’s original. With 27 million paying subscribers, it’s safe to say that the endeavor was a success.

ALTBalaji was created on April 16, 2017. It’s owned solely by Balaji Telefilms Ltd.

Balaji Telefilms is an Indian company. It produces Indian reality TV, game shows, soap operas, and other forms of entertainment. It’s even available in a multitude of Indian languages.

Ekta Kapoor is the creative head and co-managing director at Balaji Telefilms Ltd. She’s an Indian director, television producer, and film producer. She is given the title as the founder of this successful entertainment platform. If you enjoy her work, check out this article on Ekta Kapoor’s birthday!

Features of the New ALTBalaji Mod APK

  • Unlimited Access to All Series and Movies

Before the ALTBALAJI Mod APK, not all series and movies were available to subscribers. Now, you’re able to access every single movie and show available on the platform.

  • Available in a Multitude of Languages

Initially, it wasn’t available in a lot of languages, so it couldn’t be enjoyed by a wide audience. Now, it’s available in 5 languages. In addition, all of the languages are found in India, so it can serve a larger Indian population.

  •  All Content is in Full HD

You no longer have to fret over the bad quality of the videos. All of the content is now in full HD! You can now watch web series with perfect detail.

  • You Can Watch Shows Later When You Have the Time

A lot of users might start a web series and enjoy it, but what if they have something come up and they have to watch it later? Subscribers weren’t able to do that before. But now, with the new ALTBalaji Mod APK, you can pause whatever you’re watching and it’ll save it. You’ll be able to watch it later!

  • It Now Supports All the Available Languages

With a wider variety of languages now available, more people are able to enjoy the great content on this platform. You can now stream your favorite shows in multiple languages. Some include Hindi, English, Tamil, etc.

  • You Can Stream on Multiple Devices All At Once

The app is no longer accessed through just one device. Web series with the new ALTBalaji Mod APK  can be streamed on 5 different devices all at the same time. Download the new file for ALTBalaji Mod APK and share it with your friends and families simultaneously!

Details of ALTBalaji Mod APK


Name ALTBalaji Mod APK
Version 2020.11.26
Size 12.4 MB (megabytes)
Download link Download the AltBalaji Premium Mod APK Here!!
Developer  Balaji Telefilms Ltd.
Last Updated November 2020
  • In India, a 3-month subscription for 100 rupees or 12 months for 300 rupees
  • In America, $4.99/3 months or $12.99/12 months
Genre Entertainment

How to Download and Install the Latest Version of the ALTBalaji Mod APK Onto Your Android Device

ALTBalaji Mod APK

Step 1:

First, you have to download the ALTBalaji Mod apk on your device.

If you use the download mirrors you have below, you can start the process right this minute. It will 100% work, guaranteed!

Just make sure to download the new ALTBalaji Mod APK on your Android device. If you download it on your computer, just move or transfer it to your Android device.

Step 2:

Next, you have to allow “Third Party” applications onto your device. You have to make sure that Third Party apps are currently enabled as an installation source in order to install the file ALTBalaji Mod apk. First, click the Menu option. Next, click Setting, Security, and then check Unknown Sources. If you click Unknown Sources, any source or app outside of the Google Play Store will still be allowed to be downloaded onto your phone.

On Android 8.0 Oreo, there’s a different way to download the ALTBalaji Mod APK. The initial process was to allow the installation by checking the global setting. But now, the first time you try to install an APK, you will be asked to allow your file manager or browser to install APKs browser or file manager.

Step 3:

Go to your browser location or file manager or browser location. After you download the ALTBalaji Mod apk file, you need to locate it.

Now that you know where the ALTBalaji file, click on it. That will start the process of installation. Click Yes or Allow for all the questions and/or requests given to you. However, be careful to read whatever you’re agreeing to.

Do you need a file manager app to make this process easier? If so, then just click the link here so the files Android device can be easily accessed.

Step 4:

You now have the latest version of the ALTBalaji Mod APK downloaded and installed into your device. Have fun!

People Ask For:

Is ALTBalaji Mod APK free or is it paid?

The app has a free trial, but you eventually have to pay for a subscription.

What is ALTBalaji famous for?

ALTBalaji is famous for its well-known web series and TV shows such as Gandii Bat, Class of 2020, Apharan, etc.

Does ALTBalaji Mod APK work in USA?

ALTBalaji does work in the USA, and it’s now translated into English. It’s also translated into languages in India.


ALTBalaji is definitely worth the cheap, affordable subscription. You’ll be able to access hundreds of shows that aren’t available to anyone outside of the app. Join the 27 million+ subscribers that have already taken advantage of this golden deal.

Are you interested in some of the shows on ALTBalaji? Then check out this trailer on the show Dev DD: Wilder Than Your Imagination. It’s about love, family, friendships, and most of all, finding your true identity.