Tetora is a teenage girl with pink colored pony-tails. In reality, Tetora is a male but had actually chosen a female avatar in the Elder Tale. Her main class is Cleric, whereas, her subclass is Idol. She was also trapped in the Elder Tale but as a female character. She has however chosen to remain as a female in the elder tale.


Tetora’s sex has caused some misunderstanding between her and fellow guild members. The guild members have always wondered what her sex was. Whenever they asked her about it, she would answer evasively. Conclusively, however, while Tetora is male, the avatar is female.


Tetora was also playing the Elder Tale when the Catastrophe occurred. Her meeting with the Log Horizon members was a game-changer for her. She first appeared landing face-wise into a mass of snow before Naotsugu and Regan.Together, both men were looking for more members when they came across her. At that time, Shiroe was not with them as he had gone to visit Silver Sword. Naotsugu and ReGan discussed her hot pants as she tried to get herself up. As time went by, she became very good friends with Naotsugu. Not long after, Naotsugu asked her to join the Abyssal Shaft raid which she did.


Subsequently, Tetora asked Shiroe if they would allow her to join Log Horizon. He gave his consent and she was consequently accepted into the Log Horizon. Even though Shiroe knew Tetora’s gender because Kazuhiko had revealed it to him, some like Naotsugu did not.

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The Cleric class has two basic abilities; healing and recovery. Tetora also possesses these builds with some variations. Therefore, two main builds are available for Clerics and they are as follows:

  • Armor Cleric- This is a mixed melee attack that has a recovery ability. Clerics however have to be near their allies in other to heal them.
  • High Healer- this build is specifically for healing purposes. It is a build that helps allies with both magical attacks as well as with recovery spells. Tetora is no doubt a very useful member of the guild with these skills.


Tetora’s skills include:

  • Cure
  • Firefly Light
  • Heal
  • Healing Light
  • Sanctuary
  • Aurora Heal

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