The art of living


How can the living be an art? How could living life be the best of all the gifts? In today’s article, we will discuss how to live a good life or how to have satisfaction in life, thought both things are way much similar.

In today’s world, we are living a very fast-moving life. We have no time for our happiness, hobbies, and our dear ones. Moreover, we do many times indulge in negative activities.

Most of it attributed to the work we do. From where we start, just look at the work you make for your living. Is that the work you have dreamt of? You ever thought of doing?

We unwillingly do the work what our surroundings, our society, our parents wants us to do or we do for even sake of money. Where the work of our choice can be a source of refreshments, a work not of our choice can be a source of negativeness or even fatal.
Do deliberately choose the work which makes you happy. If you are happy, you can make others happy and this way, your happiness gets multiplied even more.
Happiness and sadness, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, depends upon the kind of work we do. This is the only difference between the happy people and sad people. Every child is blessed with a gift, why not use that gift? Why not rather thinking about your gift, just start doing it? From starting doing, maybe you have to stop it afterward, but you will be never in the position where you started, you will be always ahead of it and you will start the next work where you ended lastly. So you will always go ahead and ahead to a better and much better position.

Second thing is, many times we see failure in our efforts and we do start doubting our instincts. Do not do that. If you start doubting yourself, what else do you have to trust in? This is a very big question.

The third thing is and this thing makes living really an art, is management. You have to have management in your day to day activities. Suppose you have x number of works to complete in a day, you should have planned in your mind that of today’s time, I will dedicate this much amount in my this work. No matter if you like to sleep more, maybe you want to have 12 hours of sleep rather than 6-7 hours, I highly recommend please do that, because it gives you happiness and happiness give you the energy to put in your rest of the works. Break the limit, the notions that are not meant for you. Make your own notions and adhere to it.
Abraham Lincoln once said if I gave 7 days to cut a forest, I would rather spend my 6 days in razoring my ax.

The management of your activities leads to very another greatest gem in the life that provides you management in thoughts. Yes. It is something by which many of us are fragile. No one can harm us, nothing can break us, only our thoughts do. Remember, iron is not destroyed by anyone else but by its own rust. So, management of thoughts is very very important which comes by the management of your time and which comes by deciding the right work you want to do.

If anything is there which gives you energy, do it on a daily basis, at the very start of your day. This will set the tone for your remaining day and make your day full of positiveness. I like motivating people, I like sending positive vibes in the metaphysical world. So, at the very start of the day, I write the types of the very articles which you are reading right now. If you also like doing the same, why not give it a try?
If you yell at someone, it will only make your entire day full of frustration. So please don’t do that. Your yelling will do no good instead of making your day, and summation of your day equals your life, worse.
If the whole world likes a thing, which supposedly is not going to happen, and you do not like it, it’s definitely not meant for you. So don’t afraid of breaking the trends, don’t afraid of having a new thought process, it’s the thing which made many individuals unique from the rest of the world. Make your own trend.

The arrangement of thoughts is necessary to have a good life. If, by the way, you meet a negative person in your day, leave that thought there itself, no need to carry it with you.

At the end of the day, close your eyes and sleep in satisfaction in your heart.

Practicing these things repeatedly, day by day, you will see that your day is improving, you will start making friends and better friends, knowing that people want to talk to a happy man, gradually you will reach in a state of mind from where you could spell magics. Won’t believe? Just try it.

On the contrary, if you perform the opposite, the day starts in yelling, leads to another yelling, leads to a frustrating day, making enemies, nobody wants to talk to you, sleeping in a very unsatisfied note, it will add up and add up and add up day by, and your life will become a virtual hell.

And the last and very important thing of all is, just listen to your inner voice, just listen to your instincts, your conscience, it is the very thing most of us do not do and fall in very prey of temptations. I will give a very strong example here, I believe you could relate. Suppose, if there is a very beautiful girl you know and, due to temptation, you want to text her, and your inner voice says not to, please don’t do that. Not texting her will conserve your inner peace. It is the programming of mind we are accustomed to in a hope that she will someday realize our love. Just don’t fall in temptations. Realize that you yourself are whole and full of everything. Nothing is lacking in you that realization is the art of living.

NOTE: Whatever amount of advice I can make here, it will do no good unless you take an action in that direction.

Change your day now and change the rest of your life. The decision is yours. Harvest happiness in your life. Have a happy life ahead.

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