The culture and tradition of Switzerland

The culture of Switzerland is heavily affected by neighboring nations Italy, French and German cultures. It is a fact that the languages of these countries serve as the four languages of Switzerland. The fourth language of Switzerland is Romansh. It has 26 cantons and every canton has a different set of traditions and Customs. Cheese, Chocolates, Watches, the Swiss Army Knife, and Cowbell are prominent symbols of Switzerland.

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Cuisine culture

In Switzerland, dishes are prepared with simple ingredients that are affected by German, Italian, and French Cuisine. The main ingredient of Swiss cuisine is potatoes and cheese. A traditional dish Zurcher Geschnetzeltes contains veal strips and cream sauce flavored mushrooms which served with potato dishes and Rosti. Pasta and pizza are a famous dish here. Chocolates and cheese is a popular dish all over the world. Fondue is a cheese dish famous in the nation. Bread with jam or butter serves in breakfast food. A Lactose based drink, Rivella, Apple Juice, chocolate drink, Ovomaltine are some of the famous non- alcoholic cuisine of Switzerland.

Festivals and Religion culture

In Switzerland, most of the population are Christians. About 68% population of the country are  Christians, 5.0% Muslims and 23.9% are non- religious. There is no particular religion. Christian festivals and holidays differ in the Swiss canton. The National Day is celebrated throughout the country. Alcohol is produced in different parts of the country. Absinthe, Chasselas, Bon Pere William, Damassine, and Riesling X Sylvaner is produced in the country.

Language and Literature 

 Most of the literature of Switzerland is written in German, Italian, French, and Romansch because the country has no dominant language. The novelist and trvael writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, the novelist and the playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt and Max Frisch, the novelist Robert Walser and the essayist Peter Bichsel are some of the famous Swiss writers. Carl Spitteler and Hermann Hesse from Switzerland won Nobel Prize in 1919 and 1946 for literature. Switzerland hosts various art museums and famous for its traditional garments. Swiss is also prominent for the watchmaking industry throughout the country.

Dance and Music culture

Music and Dance have become a popular activity in Switzerland. The Verbier and Lucerne festivals are celebrated as international classical music. Another famous music festival is Montreux Jazz that is celebrated in the country. In the past, traditional dances like foxtrot, waltz, and polka and modern style dance like salsa, breakdance, and rock, and roll are the most prominent in Switzerland

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