The Cyberpunk 2077 Mission Guide: How to find Relic, scan security system, and find thermal clues

Cyberpunk 2077 The mission guide:

After much anticipation Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here. Apart from Keanu Reeves if you struggling to figure out what’s going on in the game and how to play, we have got you covered. Get complete cyberpunk 2077 mission guide here and know some tips and tricks to Ace this game.

Read carefully for a detailed Guide on How to find Relic, Thermal clue and scan security system.

How to find Relic ?

As we know that there are three layers present in brain dance editor. It has visual, thermal, and audio layers.  You need to switch this layers as soon as possible.

In Audio layer, First step is to listen Yorinobu’s 30 seconds phone conversation.  All you have to do is head towards audio layer and scan this video tape on wall. T- bug will guide you till this step.

Main step pause video exactly at 0.33 seconds to scan your device. Now you can listen his conversation. Now there is another tip at 1:10 and you will be notified on 1:30 that Relic needs special storage conditions. In all this chaos yorinobu have to read documents.

Visual layer again T-bug will come to your rescue and ask you to search Relic documents. In this step all you have to do is reach Yorinobu dormitory before 02:44. You will find yorinobu there with data panel in his hand.

Again go back to 02:38 and scan the item you got at the end of yorinobu’s bed. If you want to capture an iconic item just open his closet you will find armed gun there.

Thermal layer  first step to do here is to replace heat layers as Relic needs to be stored in cold conditions. Again to the timelines There is a fan at the top of yorinobu’s wall at 02:42 you will see cool air coming from block. All you have to do is match temperature given in the documents. T- bug will tell you temperature.

Go back to 02:02 and scan for champagne and ice bucket on table on main Room. At 00:57 you van scan refrigerator and finally  scan thermal layer at 0:41 to discover hidden safe.

Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide
Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide

Scan security system :

Visual scan : In this scan you have to choose camera with motion sensor. This camera will place you in front of large TV present on the roof.

Audio scan : In this scan you have to listen phone conversations. So it is better to have good sound quality in your device while using this scan. This will play a vital role for finding relics as we have seen earlier.

Note : There are different visual and audio scan at different timeline.

Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide on How to scan Thermal clues :

This is the most crucial part of the game as you won’t be able to gets Relic whiteout this we will see about this clues through timeline.

02:40 : First clue is to scan ventilation of AC located on wall.

01:00 : scanning refrigerator where Evelyn gets his drink. But you have to wait for Evelyn to mark it.

01:30 – 01: 56 : Time to scan table where champagne and ice cubes are available.

0:40 – 0:46 :  scanning of safe and security system takes place at this timeline.

Watch Trailer : Cyberpunk 2077- official gameplay trailer 

Additional details:

Alarm system : There are two alarms present on either side of wall. You can scan one of them.

Motion sensor camera :   Two motion sensor cameras are present one is on elevator and other above the wall.

Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide
Cyberpunk 2077 mission guide.

This game is one of the most awaited game and finally launched , so Are you excited to play this game?

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