HBO film, 40 years of prisoner, tells story of Philly’s controversial MOVE raid

Philly’s MOVE raid :

HBO is all set to release, 40 years of prisoner (No pun intended).  Documentary 40 years of the prisoner will unleash the truth that is not known to the public yet about Philly’s MOVE raid. What happened around 4 decades ago. And what changes the history of Philadelphia.

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This Documentary will focus on Mike Africa Jr, who freed his parents from prison after 4 decades-long fight. His parents were held unjustly for the Third-degree murder of police officer James Ramp during a police shoot-out.

What is Philly’s MOVE Raid :

In an attempt to get the city MOVE free Philadelphia city council exploded their own city. How brutal your system can be when you have exploded around 60 houses. Just to get rid of the group after getting complaints from neighbors as the group is using loudspeakers to express their concerns.

In this attempt, 11 people lost their lives and 60 homes turned into ashes.

What is MOVE:

Till now if you are thinking MOVE  is an acronym that you are incorrect. MOVE is for the movement. If you are breathing you have to MOVE. All members of this organization go with the last name  Africa. They don’t use any technology and cosmetics. They loved their people and had immense love for any living being.

Philly’s MOVE Raid
Philly’s MOVE Raid

What is in the documentary:

In the documentary, you will see a son’s perspective on how he is trying to get justice for his parents. Born behind the bars Mike Africa Jr. Just wants to see their parents together for once.
The bombing incident by the police was so brutal, but his parents were charged with third-degree murder.

This documentary shows his struggle and how his effort turns into fruition after 4 decades-long waits. But his mission doesn’t end here. He wants to free his parents completely. As they are on parole now.


  • HBO to release a documentary on Philly’s MOVE Raid, Called 40 years of prisoner
  • This documentary will feature Mike Africa Jr. Son of the couple who charged for Third-degree murder of a police officer.
  • Watch this documentary on HBO on 9 December.

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