Filmmaker from Colorado captures amazing pictures of Aurora Borealis.


Most HD Picture of Aurora Borealis also known as Northern lights is here. Filmmaker From Colorado Nate Luebbe got an amazing shot of the Aurora Borealis. All thanks to Sony. It took him a whole lot of effort and attempts but he finally made it.
wanna know the details of how Nate lube managed to capture this beautiful sight, Read further.

What are the Northern lights?

Northern lights are the lights displayed in the sky as a result of disturbance in Magnetosphere caused especially by solar winds. They’re the natural lights only visible in Higher Altitudes.

They are usually green, pink, yellow, blue, violet in colours. This mixture of colours makes them even more mesmerising sight.

Pictures of Aurora Borealis :

Filmmaker Nate Luebbe’s documentary  explained it all. He became the first photographer to capture HD pictures of Northern lights. He just can’t hide his happiness being the first to actually capture this magical sight.
Let’s see how he actually captured them into camera.

Process behind this picture:


In the documentary “ light side up” we can see him struggling to take that perfect shot. However Sony has provided him high quality and high resolution camera which played a vital role in his mission to succeed. He even Said Sony was the one who encouraged him to take perfect shot of his life.

He sent camera to such high altitude with the help of balloon. Then searching for camera with the help of helicopter. You sure will be surprised to see an effort behind this  clicks. How he lost his camera. Now I’ll stop with the spoilers.

Best places to watch Aurora Borealis :

Best places to watch this lights are as mentioned earlier are high altitude places. Places like Alaska, Canada, Antarctica, etc. Even this documentary is shot in Alaska.


  • A beautiful picture of Aurora borealis is captured by Colorado based Filmmaker Nate Luebbe.
  • He released a documentary called Light side up showed test and trials before clicking this beautiful pictures.
  • He thanked Sony for providing him high quality camera.

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