Famous US Composer and Recording artist Harold Budd dies at an age of 84

Harold Budd dies at an age of 84:

Composer and Recording artist Harold Budd dies at an age of 84 on December 7. Budd’s Manager confirmed this Saddening News with Rolling Stones. According to him, Harold Budd dies because of COVID-19 complications.
Robin Guthrie who was a good friend of Harold Budd and also collaborated with him in Cocteau Twins took Facebook to share his memories with Herald. Robin wrote he was unprepared for this. They shared a lot in the last 35 years of their lives. Harold will always be missed and cherished for his great contributions to music.
All we can say is definitely, 2020 is a year of losing Gems. The world has lost a lot this year.

Harold Budd’s Musical career :

He studied music, A Musical composition graduate from the University of Southern California in the year 1966. However, he started garnering attention in the avant-garde community. Throughout the years he worked on the minimalist genre. And by 1970 he halted composing and began teaching at California Institute of the Arts.
Again in 1972, he came up with a mixture of Avant-grade and jazz. Jazz was really famous at that time in the 70s.
In 1978  Harold’s first album the pavilion of dreams released. Since then he never looked back.

Harold Budd dies at 84
Harold Budd dies at 84

Some Recent works of Harold Budd :

  • White Bird in Blizzard (2014).
  • Bandits of stature (2012)
  • In the mist (2011)
  • Winter Garden (2011)
  • Bordeaux (2011)
  • little windows (2010)

Some Notable works of Harold Budd:

  • The pavilion of dreams (1978)

One of the masterpieces from The pavilion of dreams.

  • Ambient 2: The plateaux of Mirror (1980)
  • The white Arcades (1988)
  • Lovely Thunder (1986)

Having this many notable works under his name he has also collaborated with well-known artists for recording and composition. Harold was always a True musician and developed genres like a soft pedal. He was a pianist as well.


  • Harold Budd dies at 84.
  • The reason for death is complications due to coronavirus. As quoted by Harold Budd’s Manager
  • He was a true musician. His love for music was incredible. Harold Budd has achieved many milestones in the music world.

Have you heard Harold Budd’s any of the compositions?

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