Google Photos Brings New HDR Filter, ML-Based Suggestions for Pixel Users

As part of the December feature drop, Google Pixel phones are getting state-of-the-art ML-based filters from Google Images. Google enhanced the editing option in Google Photos. In September they added a tab called Suggestions that provided ML-based filters to edit the files. A Dynamic filter is part of the latest proposal, which is said to increase visibility, contrast, and color for clearer pictures of sunset and sunrise.

Google Photos unveiled an additional feature

Google unveiled an additional feature that increases the ability to edit images in Google Photos. It also details other features and enhancements coming to this month’s Pixel 3. This includes a state-of-the-art filter, along with a collection of sky suggestions, that enhances brightness, contrast, and color. Google says these filters “help you create amazing pictures of sunset and sunrise in just one tap.

Other filters in the Suggestions tab include Bright, Luminous, Sparkling, Ember, Airy, Afterglow, and Stormy. Google also notes that it also includes a new HDR filter in the Change tab in the December Pixel function update. This option has a lot of choices such as Brightness and Contrast. It now also has an HDR influence, showing a brand fresh addition. Tapping on the mode would open a slider to change the filter strength. As stated, as part of the December Pixel feature decrease.

These two changes have landed on Google Pixel phones that also bring a host of other new functionality and the latest Android protection patch. In the December 2020 update, some of the latest features include ‘Keep for Me’and intense battery saver. The state-of-the-art ‘Hold for Me’ feature makes use of the enhanced Google Assistant when you put hold during a call. The Google Assistant waits in the line for you and lets you know when the other person on the phone is ready to talk.

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