The Helstrom Trailer has been released It appears to show that the Hulu series seemingly has erased all ties to Marvel.

The Helstrom Trailer has been released. It appears to show that the Hulu series seemingly has erased all ties to Marvel. Hulu revealed the trailer at the San Diego comic-con this year a cyber event known as common – [email protected] The trailer shows a series of the events and themes that the two lead characters will face during this series. Based on the trailer, Helstrom has all the thrills and mystery associated with the comic book it’s based off. Indeed, the trailer looks like a combination of The Da Vinci Code and The Conjuring. The Helstrom Trailer did have some unexpected surprises. Specifically, Marvel was removed from the series title even though Marvel Studios is producing it.


The Series

Helstrom Trailer

The Helstrom Trailer does a marvelous job of setting up the theme of the series. It radiates terror from the very first scene as the lead characters (the Helstorm siblings) walked down a shadow hall. The series will follow the Helstorms they try to find answers about their past. Starting with what their institutionalized mother released years ago. Based on the trailer it appears the series is closely tied comic book of the same name in certain events. The background information released on the series indicates that the characters are children of a serial killer, that doesn’t fit. The trailer feels more like the original comic book where the lead characters were the children of the devil.

Which is why the original series was named Hellstom. This background information is probably a misdirect to avoid spoilers for the serious. However, the most surprising aspect of the trailer was the removal of the word Marvel. The Helstrom Trailer and series is still being produced by Marvel Studios. Though it appears to be breaking away from the franchise. This could be due to the fact that Marvel Studios television branch was recently shutdown. Marvel Studios seems to be shifting more of its focus for live-action series onto Disney+. This seems to be because all future projects will be tied to the Marvel cinematic universe. Showing the series on Hulu and removing Marvel from the title allows the series to be a standalone. This means there will be no connection crossovers with the movie universe.

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