The Promised Neverland season 2 producer confirms it will be released

The Promised Neverland season 2 producer confirms it will be released. Specifically, the second season is set to begin airing January 2021. in three months, fans of the series will finally get to see the continuation of their favorite characters story. Such as, what became Emma, Ray, and the other children after their escape? additionally, we’ll new characters be introduced and what is the world outside of the orphanage like? Also, a question that the anime fans desperately want answered is what became of Norman? while it is true that the answers these questions could be found in the manga of the series. However, for the anime fans these questions and more will have answers in Promised Neverland season 2.


Promised Neverland

To understand what’s going to happen in the Promised Neverland season two you need to know about season one. It follows the main characters of Emma, Norman, and Ray as they live at an orphanage along with other children. The orphanage is a paradise for the characters children until the three main characters discover a dark secret. Whenever a child is adopted, he or she is actually sacrificed to a sinister race known as demons. The majority of season one focuses on the characters planning and escape from the orphanage. Despite shocking revelations and heartbreaking separations many of the characters do manage to escape at the end of the season.

The most shocking revelation for the main characters is the fact that Ray was a spy for time. However, after being betrayed by his mother he continues to help the others and escape with them. The heartbreaking separation comes when Norman is selected to be adopted early. However, most of the characters know exactly what that means. Norman decides to willingly sacrifice himself rather than jeopardize everyone else’s chance to escape. Sometime after that event the rest of the characters and many of the orphans managed to escape. The Promised Neverland season one ends with the main characters experiencing their first sunrise in the world beyond. It’s important to note that this is not old summary more adventure and intrigue await within the amine’s episodes.

What to expect in Promised Neverland Season 2

Fans of the manga will know what to expect in season 2 of the anime. This is because like most anime series the Promised Neverland is based off the main of the same name. As a result, it is possible to predict to a certain degree what will appear in the second season. However, for those fans who only watch the anime reading the main goal would spoil the series.
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Of course, there’s always some variation between the two media. Sometimes material from one is left out of the other or new material is added wasn’t in the original. That being said, it is possible that season 2 at least cover one or two major story arcs may. Specifically, the third one entitled a Promised d Forest. Which makes sense considering that the first season covered the introduction and jailbreak arcs from the manga. Additionally, season two may also see the introduction of additional characters including demons.

Did Norman die in season one?

One question that fans of the anime desperately want answer in the Promised Neverland season 2 is Norman fate. while this doesn’t seem to be in question at first watch through of the anime there is some doubt. If for no other reason we never see his body. Additionally, Norman consistently through the series was a master tactician and strategist. As demonstrated during the character’s escape in the last episodes. When Emma use several of the backup plans Norman had to give them the best chance of escape. These plans include predicting that Ray would attempt to sacrifice himself as a distraction.

Which allowed Emma and the other orphans time to create a duplicate of Ray and prevents his death. As a result, it’s possible Norman came up with contingencies for his own escape should he be adopted. However, this does not match the pattern seeing with a few other adoptions/sacrifices in the series. Which means, it’s possible a third-party with an interest in Norman’s abilities wish to acquire him. This would explain the inconsistencies with his departure when compared to other orphan sacrifices. Regardless, the answer to this question many others most likely be seen in the Promised Neverland season 2.

How many seasons could Promised Neverland have?

As the Promised Neverland season 2 air date approaches many fans are wondering will this be the last season? This is a fair and difficult question to answer though the criteria are easy to identify. Most anime has a new seasons green lit by the producer based on popularity and source material. The source material for an anime is usually a manga it is based on. as a result, some anime simply stops because the source material stops.

Additionally, some serious have large gaps between seasons due to a lack of source material. Since most anime in the 12-episode range cover several volumes for a manga a season can’t be made with less. Fortunately, the Promised Neverland series currently has 19 volumes with the 20th on the way. Also, the first season made use of elements from four and a third of the fifth volumes. Assuming the Promised Neverland season 2 uses the same format there is enough material for several additional seasons.

Other criteria

The other point of consideration for creating additional anime seasons is popularity. If the series is popular enough after the first season a second season is usually agreement for production. The same pattern holds true for additional seasons after the second. Basically, if the popularity of the series drops off significantly after a season the chances of an additional one disappears. an anime can lose popularity for several reasons. However, the two most common ones are loss of interest or loss of novelty. Loss of interest in the series usually occurs when there are long breaks between seasons.

The loss of novelty on the other hand occurs when a series 2nd season does not match the expectations. The popularity of the Promised Neverland season one is why the producers screen but season 2. Additionally, the delay for season two’s release is only a few months rather than years. As a result, popularity for the series has not dropped if everything it has been increasing. As fans eagerly await the Promised Neverland seasons to first episode premier in January 2021.

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