The US will end its reliance on China

The US will end its reliance on China for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. President Trump made this promise on Thursday, August 6, 2020 as part of his goals for the next four years. He also stated that the Chinese Communist Party’s actions during the pandemic would have consequences. Indeed, many countries leaders including the US have denounced the CCP actions since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. These actions include the denial of critical pharmaceutical and medical supplies to various countries by cutting all exports from China. Leaving aside all other issues the CCP attempt to force concessions in this manner is what lead to this consequence.




To end the US reliance on China for pharmaceutical and medical supplies present Trump has several options. Such as, using executive orders such is the one he recently signed that requires US government to purchased American medicine. Specifically, the executive order state that all US government agencies must purchase all essential medical supplies from American companies. By using these options in combination the president can create a demand for pharmaceutical factories in the US.

This will fulfill another promise he made to the American workers and people, to bring American jobs back to US. If pharmaceutical and medical supply companies build factories within the US borders then thousands of jobs will be available. Trump by ending US reliance on China for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals hopes to repeat the Defense Production Act. Specifically, he wishes the pharmaceutical and medical supply industries of the United States to see rapid growth. The same level of growth that the American military industry has seen in the last six months. If the president can end US reliance Chinese supply pharmaceuticals will prevent a repeat China blackmailing tactics. Moreover, it will strength in the US both economically and medically for years to come.

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