Tips to Nourish your skin

Skin Nourish: Skin, one of the most sensitive parts of our body which always needs care and nourishment. It is prone to different weather changes and does affect our health as well. Change in the climate effects our skin to the deep and it demands protection and attention. Our skin is like a baby which require a sufficient care and feedings all the time. To glow and shine not only from outside but also from within and it hence should be taken care of.

A mirror to our inner healthiness is the skin as it reflects whatever we intake. The most important fact to consider for having healthy skin is the proper diet and exercise. #EATHEALTHY

Some of the tips to nourish your skin

  • A proper diet

    Today everyone is attracted to various skin care products and cosmetics and highly dependent upon the chemicals to get a glowing and fairer skin. But for healthy skin that shine from within needs a proper diet and a good amount of nutrition. A sufficient quantity of fruits and green vegetables in the daily diet chart and making it a routine will help us to get flawless skin inside out.

  • Consume Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc

A good quantity of vitamin C helps in healing pores and repair the cartilage. Some of           the ingredients that are the source of vitamin C are oranges, kiwi, lemon, guava,               broccoli, cauliflower, papaya. A fruit salad of Brussel sprouts is rich in vitamin C and a         natural remedy for glowing skin. Vitamin E sources are almonds, peanuts, soya bean           oils and, corn, cucumber. The dairy products, meats, eggs, chickpeas will provide               necessary zinc for an admiring skin.

  • Lots of water

Our body requires at least 2 liters of water every day. Water helps to remove toxins           and prevents us from indigestion. Health authorities say that drinking water may help         in building immune to fight against eczema, wrinkles, and psoriasis-related problems.         For skin to be healthy it is required to flush out all germs and make our intestine easy         digesting system. It helps to intercept acne, pimples, and marks as well.

  • Yoga and exercise

Doctors and Researchers have found that for a body to be fit and good digestion leads         to healthy skin after all. Yoga every morning and exercise on a daily routine reduce             stress and anxiety. Different exercise for the healthy body to keep the skin sound and         fit. The various diet plan is a boom for the skin for along with it keeping the body fit           through exercise. And maintaining the peace of mind through yoga acts as an extra             benefit to the effort. As it is said –


A healthy skin is the reflection of overall wellness” #SKINCARE

skin care

  • A proper sleep

Today’s generation is night lovers and they love to do most of the works at night. Due         to this reason a large population is the victim of Insomnia resulting in effects on the           skin like dullness and pale. An adult needs 7 hours of proper sleep at night and be             aware of electronics as much as possible and use of it only required because the                 ultraviolet rays and harmful chemicals destroy the skin layers making it rough and dry         and not letting it grow and flourish. A proper diet along with proper sleep makes a             balance for healthy skin.

  • Nourish skin at night 

It is said that our body parts are most active at night and while going to bed skin               needs extra care and nourishment. At night skin absorbs and apprehends whatever is it       fed up with. Hence, while going to bed applying a good moisturizer or coconut oil helps       skin to soften and you get a glowing healthy skin.

Home remedies for skin nourishment

Apply ice

One of the best treatments to prevent skin from burning and tanning is to apply ice and it reduces the

  • heat effect
  • heals the skin layer very quickly.

Ice is very helpful for oily skin as it opens pores and clear oil glands and makes skin fresh and healthy. Once in a week for dry skin to prevent tanning and itchiness and thrice in a week for oily skin for efficient and quick results.

The suggestive video on how to apply ice: Here

  • Use aloe Vera

The natural Aloe Vera is a miracle for a skin to smile. It is a natural remedy to cure all         types of skin infection and dullness like redness, issues related to Eczema, as it helps         alleviate seborrheic dermatitis. Inflammatory acne is removed using Aloe Vera for 1           week to see the effect. The cooling substance present in the plant gives quick relief to         burns as it has anti-fungal properties.

How to apply Aloe Vera: Here

  • Mask of gram flour (garbanzo bean flour), turmeric powder, honey, and curd

The most effective and quick treatment for glowing and healthy skin in applying the mask by preparing a paste following these guidelines –

          5 teaspoon gram flour

          ½ teaspoon turmeric powder

          ½ teaspoon honey

          1 teaspoon curd

(make a paste by mixing it all in a bowl and apply it on the skin for half an hour, wash your skin with cold water). Apply once in a week for healthy skin.

Gram flour contains zinc and controls excess sebum and helps in preventing acne and fight infection.

Turmeric powder has an antiseptic quality that heals the wounds and clears scars easily and it is the best remedy for pores.

Honey in ancient times was used in healing wounds of the soldiers and its natural properties help the dry skin to soften and fade scars.

Curd is a treatment that helps dry and well as oily skin to glow and fights against small germs hidden inside our skin layer.

These are some of the essential tips to keep in mind for healthy skin and following this essential instruction will lead to flawless and glowing skin lifelong.  Better nourishment and better care to the skin are possible through a healthy diet and proper nutrition so that the skin shines from within. if you have a healthy body from within, it will reflect your outside skin.

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