TOEFL 2021 Overview: Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Result

In reaction to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, ETS agreed to deliver the TOEFL 2021  iBT Special Home Edition for the convenience of candidates pursuing higher education abroad. Many TOEFL Test Centers are temporarily suspended because of a pandemic epidemic. ETS also guarantees that they review the minimum standard for home appliances. ETS has posted a few webinars to the official website to make candidates acquainted with the feature. Applicants can collect TOEFL scores within 6-10 days after writing the test.

For perfection, ETS uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to sustain safety precautions at home and throughout the course of the test. Tests with disabilities can also inquire for accessible slots at home.

Why do you take TOEFL?

Candidates seek TOEFL for several, such as high school, bachelor’s degree, employment, or further education. Indian students choose TOEFL over IELTS because of their high scores in this language test.

But for TOEFL Reading, they guarantee applicants a standardized average in all sections. With an overall average score of 95, candidates will comfortably win TIER 2 colleges in the USA and Canada.

TOEFL Eligibility for 2021

ETS did not list any necessary qualifying requirements for TOEFL to appear for the exam. Applicants must obey those requirements, as indicated on the official website, before filing. ETS did not state any age limitations for the claimant. Applicants must pass a higher school degree on the grounds of college eligibility.

Registration for TOEFL 2021

For TOEFL, Test Taker can register online and offline or via the official TOEFL application available in the play shop. The examination application process is available all year round. To build a verified profile, applicants can log into TOEFL’s official website. During registration for TOEFL, hold the passport as one of the most essential papers. Your name needs to be properly pronounced.


To complete the registration, one must follow a few basic steps.

Complete the relevant information during registration.
Please check your records
Charge the processing fee for registration to complete



Test takers must send the TOEFL registration form via e-mail to the registered address.

The candidate must first download the TOEFL registration form.

  • Applicants must fill out such codes (available online) that are needed to fill out the application form manually.
  • We may initiate payment from the choices specified in the form.
  • After filling out the questionnaire, the candidate must return the form to the RRC (Regional Registered Centers)
  • They should issue mail at least one month before the date of the exam.
  • If the candidate does not get a confirmation, he/she must contact the RRC at least three days before the application deadline.

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2021

TOEFL provides both web-based and paper-based formats to research consumers. The test tests the candidate’s language proficiency.

Reading TOEFL
TOEFL Writing:
TOEFL Listening to
And the TOEFL Speaking parts.


TOEFL 2021


TOEFL 2021 Performance

For each segment of the TOEFL, the score range is between 0-30. They calculated the TOEFL score using computational techniques. India is a land with many languages, where candidates across regions appear either for a career or higher education at TOEFL. ETS surveyed data on test participants from India and their level of success for the language proficiency test.

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