Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 3, may have been canceled by Netflix but that doesn’t mean the series is dead.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 3, may have been canceled by Netflix but that doesn’t mean the series is dead. Specifically, given the immense popularity of the marvels of the universe is a chance the series may be renewed. Of course, this depends on several factors that have to be taken into account Marvel/Disney. The foremost being what is season three plots be able to recapture fans attention. Additionally, a new streaming service would have to be chosen for a potential third season. perhaps the most important factor that would be considered, is how it work with other series. Specifically, would it add to or detract from upcoming Marvel television series such as Loki?

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Marvel's Iron Fist Season 3

marvel’s iron fist season 3 story

marvel’s iron fist season 3 potential story may be a continuation of the unfinished storylines from the previous seasons. Given the show’s cancellation any of these were not complete. Additionally, the actors who were aware of the potential third series had hinted and what might have gone. Specifically, a series of events that would have triggered more a brother in arms friendship between characters.  Also, given the fact that this series have close ties to each other it’s possible that they would also return. Specifically, the intertwining storylines between the five series would almost require all of them to return.


Some of the greatest challenges facing a potential marvel’s iron fist season 3 include legal issues. By all reports marble wish to continue the series and include characters in other marble cinematic universe projects. However, the contract with Netflix stipulated that none of these characters could be used in anything but a Netflix series. Fortunately, there was a time limit to that prohibition which has just ended. Yes, at the time of the cancellation Netflix stated that Marvel could not use the character for two years.

With that time now last the next challenge becomes where will the series be shown? The two most obvious answers our Disney plus or Hulu. These two companies say they may consider renewing the series. The last challenge that would have to be overcome is convincing key individuals that it’s worth the expense. Given the fact that these series tie into the you and are popular that shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, they may serve as an excellent counterpoint to the new upcoming live-action projects. Unfortunately, with no official confirmation all fans can do is hope for the return of marvel’s iron fist season 3.