She-Hulk info has fans excited, and here’s why you should be too: She-Hulk estimated release date, cast and more

She-Hulk is confirmed! According to Kevin Feige, the concept has grown into what'll be a half hour show on the Disney+ streaming service. A...


She-Hulk is confirmed! According to Kevin Feige, the concept has grown into what’ll be a half hour show on the Disney+ streaming service.

As the days march on in anticipation for Phase 4 in Marvel’s cinematic universe, She-Hulk has been a name that’s jumped around among fans and forums. During an interview with Emmy Magazine, he confirmed that yes, the show will be a comedy series on Disney+. Since these episodes are pretty short, this is the first time Disney+ has done anything like this format before.

They’ve usually stuck to things between 45 minutes to movie lengths long. So this will definitely be a new take that audiences can enjoy on Disney+. Additionally, since the She-Hulk show is indeed a comedy. it will be different from what we are used to seeing coming out of Marvel Studios.

What does shorter runtime mean for She-Hulk?


Above all things, this could mean we are going to get more episodes. Besides, the shorter they are, the more they’ll be able to make. Right? Only time will tell as of now. As of now, what this format means for the overall show is that we could have a 10-13 episode season instead of something like 6 episodes.

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That means the same amount of actual run-time, but a different rate of progression. Because if you know anything about entertainment writing, you’ll know that keeping the audience is top priority. This not only means that whatever She-Hulk has to offer will tie in with the main story of the films, but it also will be having more twists and turns among the shorter episodes. This all stacks up to potentially meaning another blockbuster hit in terms of show revenue.

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Rick and Morty were a prime example of this. They had to get things done quickly in that show. Aside from this, more development in the actual meat and bones of the show have been recently confirmed. After Disney Investors Day, it was confirmed that Tatiana Maslany would be playing Jennifer Walters in the show. She recently has also posted the character in her social media accounts. Just, you know, a subtle hint.



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