Tom Holland in Spiderman Remastered for PS5?

Tom Holland in Spiderman remastered

Tom Holland in Spiderman Remastered? The controversy sparked over the Spiderman remastered for ps5 among the fans and the developers. Sony just announced the remastered of the lead of the game, that is Spiderman aka Peter.

When John was everyone’s favorite Spiderman for many days now, there was completely no need of changing the face. But Insomniac the developer recently gave a statement over the changes.

He said that the 2018 version of Spiderman has now come with some exciting new and advanced features. And changes made in Peter’s face is one of them. Also, they used Ben Jordan’s face as Peter. While the voice of Yuri Lowenthal’s is intact in this new version.

Spider man
Spiderman for ps5

The version is ruling out for ps5 while the earlier version came-up for ps4 in 2018. Some major changes in characters and gaming levels with all advanced features matching up with the standard of ps5.

But the problem raised when Peter’s face revealed and fans find it similar to Tom Holland and not Ben Jordan at all. The face is no way similar or anything about Ben Jordan. Disappointment rise among fans in lieu of the change in Peter’s face.

Bryan Intihar, the creative director of the game tried to put an end to the confusion over Tom Holland in Spiderman Remastered. But that not completely satisfying as the face is no way similar to Ben as claimed by developers of Marvel’s Spiderman.

However, all the other characters remain the same. Bryan Intihar stated that there might be some confusion over the new face remastered. But the company is cleared and they made the changes for the overall better performance. And the best of the version for ps5.

Apart from the controversy of Tom Holland in Spiderman Remastered, the new Marvel’s Spiderman is coming up with all new exciting features in an advanced quality in ps5.

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