Tsukipro The Animation Season 2 Release Date FINALLY ANNOUNCED!!

The first episode aired on October 4, 2017. Since then, the show has attracted a lot of viewers. So much so that there’s a possible Tsukipro the Animation Season 2.

Tsukipro is in many forms such as anime, manga, radio series, app, game, and so much more. As a result, people around the world are more likely to be exposed to Tsukipro and fall in love with it.

The show contains catchy lyrics, impressive choreography, and dazzling stage lights.

However, some readers might be unaware of Tsukipro the Animation and its rise to stardom.

What is Tsukipro the Animation?

Tsukino Talent Production is a fictional entertainment agency that was founded in 2012 by Movic. Movic is a Japanese company that focuses on the publishing of general media.

Tsukino Talent Production created multiple idol groups. However, Tsukipro focuses on 13 singers and artists.

Tsukipro is a multi-media series. It follows the lives of four groups: Quell, Growth, SolidS, and SOARA.

Tsukino Talent Production’s many idol groups are divided into these several shows:

  • ALIVE series
  • SQ series
  • Wizard of twins LICO & GLI series- Made up of the Swiiiiiits!, Noir Revolution, and the White Knight Orchestra groups.
  • ALTAIR THEATER series- Made up of the idol groups ALTAIR THEATER, RIGEL, Regulus, and Sargas.
  • VAZZROCK series- Made up of the VAZZY and ROCK DOWN bands.
  • X Lied Project- infinit0, TOBARI, and pioniX are the groups that make this series up.
  • WAOOON series- consists of the WAOOON and Akire Takizawa bands.
  • SUNPRO series- Only made up of the ZIX group.


The SOARA and Growth groups make up the ALIVE series.

In addition, the SolidS and QUELL group make up the SQ series.

Tsukipro the Animation Season 2 Characters

Tsukipro the Animation

First, these are the characters in the SOARAgroup:

  • Sora Ohara- Sora is the leaders of the SOARA group. He sings and plays the guitar. In addition, he creates the music.
  • Morihito Arihara- Morihito is a member of the unit SOARA. For the band, he performs the guitar and vocals.
  • Soshi Kagurazaka- Soshi is a member of the SOARA band, andhe plays the drums.
  • Ren Munakata- Ren is part of the SOARA unit, and he plays the keyboard.
  • Nozomu Nanase- Nozomu is a member of this group and performs on the bass.

# Tsukipro the Animation Season 2

Second, the Growth group are made up of these idols:

  • Koki Eto- Koki is the leader of the Growth group.
  • Kensuke Yaegashi- Kensuke is a member of theGrowth unit.
  • Ryota Sakuraba- Ryota is part of the band Growth.
  • Mamoru Fujimura- Mamoru is part of the unit Growth.

Third, these characters make up the SolidS group:

  • Shiki Takamura- Shiki is the leader of the group SolidS.
  • Tsubasa Okui- Tsubasa Okui is a member of the SolidS group.
  • Rikka Sera- Rikka is part of the SolidS unit.
  • Dai Murase- Dai is a part of the band SolidS.

And last but not least, the QUELL groups consists of:

  • Shu Izumi- Shu is a member and leader of the unit QUELL.
  • Eichi Horimiya
  • Issei Kuga- Issei is a member of the QUELL unit. Furthermore, Issei is the older twin of Ichiru Kuga.
  • Ichiru Kuga- Ichiru is part of the QUELL band, and is the younger twin of Issei Kuga.


Watch the Tsukipro the Animation trailer/intro. It’ll introduce you to the main characters and groups.

Tsukipro Season 1 Plot

Tsukipro is a production group that manages talented bands that rise in popularity. SolidS, one of the gifted artist groups, was launched in 2017.

However, they’ll have to step it up. Because that’s the only way to show up the new up-and-coming pop groups Growth, SOARA, and QUELL.

I wonder what’s in store for Tsukipro the Animation Season 2 …

Tsukipro the Animation Season 2 Plot

The producers decide to bring six people from different groups and form a new band: “Six Gravity.” However, they create another unit of six that will compete against Six Gravity. Will the once competitors become friends, or will their rivalry get in the way of victory?

Tsukipro Season 2 Release Date

Tsukipro has acquired a strong fanbase, but its future became bleak after the events that transpired. With the pandemic, racial injustice, and so many more problems, Tsukipro Season 2 seemed unlikely.

However, there is good news!

Release Date : It was revealed that Tsukipro Season 2 will be released  on June 19, 2020.

A more specific date hasn’t been released, yet. However, fans don’t have to worry about Tsukipro Season 2 being canceled. They’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

Tsukipro world

Where Can I Watch Tsukipro the Animation Season 2?

You can watch Tsukipro the Animation Season 2 on:

  • Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a well-known site where people can stream and download anime.

With good reviews and high ratings, Crunchyroll has attracted a lot of traffic to its platform.

It has wide variety of anime, both English and Japanese. It is the primary source of Japanese animations for many fans.


  • GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another top choice among fans of anime. It has a gained a lot of ardent users throughout the years since its creation in 2014.

It has dozens of films and shows right on the homepage, and it has a very small number of ads. Furthermore, GoGoAnime has a plethora of unique genres anybody would be a fan of.


  • AnimeDao

AnimeDao is a valuable, but somewhat underrated source of anime.

This site is organized, and each show and movie are easily accessible. It has dozens of well-known and famous titles. That includes Black Clover, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and so many more.

The moment you visit the site, AnimeDao sends you to a list of their most popular anime, Tsukipro Season 2 is one of them.

If you don’t know what to pick, they have a random button that will give you a bunch of interesting titles.

If you want to watch a specific genre, they have that option, too. They even separate their series from their movies.

AnimeDao is a very clean, well-structured site. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your show or your spot.

  • Chia-Anime
Tsukipro Season 2

Chia-Anime is also a good choice for your anime and for Tsukipro the Animation Season 2. It has a ton of well-known titles. The site is also somewhat organized.

There are a lot of ads that make the website cramped. The first set of anime shows on the front page don’t have a picture. As a result, you won’t be able to easily detect what you want to watch. However, it has a lot of good titles such as Naruto Shippuden and Yuri on Ice. If you’re interested in Yuri on Ice, check out this article on Yuri on Ice!!! Latest News.

When you first click on the link, it redirects you to a bunch of revealing photos of female anime characters. It gives you a button to go to the site, but it also gives you links to more inappropriate sites. This is why it’s last on this list. Other than that, Chia-Anime is a good choice for anime content. Here are some more sites that have Tsukipro and may release Tsukipro the Animation Season 2 :

  • VRV
  • JustWatch
  • Anime-Planet

… and so many more!

Here’s a video of one of their more popular concerts. You’ll love it!


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