Turkish doctors warn of rise in COVID-19 cases during Eid al-Adha

Eid al- Adha is one the important Islamic festival celebrated all over the world. On account of  Eid al- Adha followers Islam sacrifice animals and feed the needy. Mass prayer, family gathering are the part of the celebration. but because of COVID-19 a new set of rules for celebration was issued by Turkish government.

Government’s rules for Turkey

Citizen were urged to follow hygienic routine which includes thorough hand wash, avoid hand shakes and hugging each other.  Authorities have also  imposed some special measures for marketplaces. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had also made mandatory use of mask and obey hygiene measures. Cases of COVID-19 in Turkey have stood between 900 and 1,000.

New normal Celebration

Celebration amid COVID-19  is a great challenge. Maintaining the hygiene measure is the new normal now. Turkish doctors warn of rise in COVID-19 cases during Eid al-Adha as it involves visits to the elderly and cemeteries hand shakes etc. The virus kills and leaves nasty after-effects in the body, so everyone should remain extra careful during the holiday sad Dr. Hamit Ekinci, an emergency specialist from the southeastern town. Turkey’s southeast population  is of some 1.8 million and many new cases have risen in the past few weeks. It is not possible to quarantine infected patients as there is not enough space to accommodate. Families of 10 to 20 members living under the same roof can contagion easily.

To stabilize the economy  Turkish government allowed the businesses, cafes, restaurants, parks, shopping centers and gyms to reopen amid COVID-19. Intensive care units are again refilling up in southeastern town.  Authorities hope that the situation will not be worse after the holiday.


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