Twitter Aims to Label More State- Affiliated Accounts Worldwide

Twitter aims to label more State- affiliated accounts worldwide. This label is meant for Government and State- affiliated media houses. |


Now, Twitter aims to label more State-affiliated accounts worldwide. This step of Twitter will categories the Governmental accounts, state-affiliated media accounts and accounts of individuals related to them.

Twitter Aims to Label More State- Affiliated Accounts Worldwide

This feature labels all such account’s profiles and helps in identification among other accounts. The Tweets sent or shared by such accounts will also contain the label. The label of Government receives a flag and that of State-affiliated media receives a podium.

About Labels:

The labels contain information about the country through which the account affiliates. Currently, the feature is available only for the permanent members of The UN Council. The five countries namely are China, France, Russia, The United Kingdom and The United States of America. To clarify, this feature will expand in other countries in the near future.

Twitter Aims to Label More State- Affiliated Accounts Worldwide

The main focus of the labels is the senior officials of the government that represent the country worldwide. However, the step of launching this feature only for the UN Security Council, for now, is for the sake of transparency and practicality. This feature mainly means for clearing the doubts of users who view the geographical issues but get confused about which issue belongs to which country, as stated by Twitter.

Furthermore, Twitter label State-affiliated accounts not only covers media and government but also ambassadors and institutional entities. Twitter right now will not label the account of the head of states as they enjoy a widespread name and attention from all over the world.

Definition of State-affiliated media:

According to Twitter, State-affiliated media means the media houses that directly or indirectly gets under the influence of the government. Independent Media does not stand on this list. In addition, Twitter states State-affiliated media contains the media houses in which the editorial contents receives influences through political parties. Furthermore, State-affiliated media use their news for advancing a particular political agenda.

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