Twitter reacts to Vanity Fair’s Breonna Taylor September Issue

Breonna Taylor
Vanity Fair September issue featuring Breonna Taylor

The September issue of Vanity Fair is all about culture, activism and influence in 21st century America. The cover is decorated with a portrait of Breonna Taylor by Amy Sherald, the artist popularly known for her portrait paintings.

Breonna Taylor
Vanity Fair September issue featuring Breonna Taylor

Vanity fair, a monthly magazine that reports on popular culture, fashion and current affairs is based out of the United States.

The guest editor Ta-Nehisi Coates’ is all set to feature her cover story called  “A Beautiful Life.” The story will narrate the tale of Taylor’s life and death at the hands of local police in Louisville, Kentucky, through her mother’s perspective, Tamika Palmer.

Palmer attempts to highlight the life of her daughter by revealing personal descriptions about who Taylor was. She further talks about who she wanted to become in the article.

Coates’ story’s provides a summary of the case; describing the community’s rage over what happened to Taylor and why no one has been charged to this day.

The 26-year-old Black emergency medical technician, Taylor, was sleeping in her apartment when a group of Louisville Metro Police smashed down the door and fired a hail of bullets. The incident took place in March this year. Taylor was killed; her partner, who believed he was defending them in an armed home invasion, was not injured but exchanged fire with the officers. One policeman was shot with non-life – threatening wounds. Taylor had eight shots fired at her.

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Taylor, ever since then, has become one of the most well-known faces of the national outpouring of indignation and demonstrations over ongoing police brutality; especially against African Americans and other color people.

Twitter users from around the world have united in solidarity against the police cruelty and brutality. Although some have expressed their objection against the commodification or capitalization of the image and the decorating of violence. However, many others are seeing this as a torch bearer of change.

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