A strict action taken by Twitter came this Wednesday, when it removed over 7000 accounts following QAon. Twitter alleged the informal group about spreading abuse and harassment concerns in the society. The safety team of twitter also said that, it will limit the spread of conspiracy theories by it’s supporters.

QAnon has claimed the fact that the Democratic party of US and it’s major members are the planners for international crime rings. They also told about targeting Trump’s political opponents on social media with harassment.

Twitter Qanon

Twitter made clear on Tuesday that no content and accounts associated with QAnon in trends and recommendations will not be served. They also said that all the related URLs would be blocked out that shared by the group. Twitter made clear in their statement that, “ We have been clear that their will be strong enforcement action on behavior. That has potential to create any sort of offline harm”.

The site also stated “ as per the present approach, this week further action will take place on “QAnon” activity over the services”. “All the accounts engaged about these topics over the handle tweeting and are exploiting the violations of our multi-account usage policy, will be suspended”.

Twitter after this incident of QAnon and it’s corresponding followers creating harm and agonizing behavior. About 150000 accounts will be hidden from the trends and searches on the Twitter. The indigenous group QAnon has actively spread over various social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube.

Some of the supporters of QAnon have claimed it as the mole in the president’s inner circle. As they have decided to reveal the specifics of intelligence over various social media platforms.  Twitter took strict action when people opposed the content over Facebook causing hate and promoting violence among masses.


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