University exams likely to be cancelled

Nationwide universities have decided to cancel the semester exams. The undergraduate and postgraduate exam was going to conduct in March. The deadly virus didn’t allow any university to take an exam. During Covid-19 outbreak, it has become impossible for universities to take exams. The education system is shivering.

In the month of March, the examination was going to start. Therefore, on 22nd March Janta Curfew was an initial step to fight against coronavirus. Later, on 25th June 2020 PM announced nationwide lockdown. However, looking at increment in cases people were also afraid. The students started to return to their home city. Everyone wants to remain safe and healthy.

University: Exam Cancelled

Banaras Hindu University, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Haryana and other universities have decided to cancel the semester exam. The students will get promotion on the internal assessment. The exam was only conducted for Final year students. At this moment, more than 4K cases are in India. So, the government wants its people to be safe and healthy. Although, a final year cannot be promoted. They should give a proper examination. Impossibility is lead by a deadly virus.

However, Universities were willing to take the examination for the final year. Final year students cannot be tested on internal assessment. Every student wishes to give his/her hundred per cent in the final year. It would be unfair for those who didn’t perform well in first year, second year and internal assessment. Promoting students on an internal basis is also challenging. The government may give some relief to the year 2020 students in future.

Impact On Students

Final year examination plays a vital role in building up student life. A student gets a job on the basis of his/her graduation final year mark sheet and interview. Some students also go for higher studies. The main focus of final year student is on the mark sheet. They learn and analyse their mistakes in past graduation year. The last year is like an opportunity for them to prove their capabilities. They want to turn their weakness into opportunities. They get ready for threats and face them courageously.

Hence, for some students whose performance was not good. They are struggling due to this decision of the cancelled exam. They were having the last chance to prove themselves. The chance is likely to move far away. However, the year 2020 is fighting with a deadly virus. So, the year 2020 will be considered relief year in future. The percentage for getting admission in postgraduate will be lowered. May be companies start recruitment on the basis of interview. There are lots of question with no answers. Therefore, this moment is full of tragedy, pain, fear and shock.

Ministry of HRD Words

Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ the HRD minister tweeted, “I have advised the @ugc_india to revisit the guidelines issued earlier for an intermediate and terminal semester and academic calendar. The foundation for revisited guidelines shall be health and safety students, teachers and staffs.”


This means the University Grants Commission (UGC) will cancel the final year examination too. The session will surely be late this year. The university and students need to wait for more. Risking the life of students, teachers and staffs will be a bad decision. There is no vaccine until now to cure patients. People are taking all the safety measures and precautions. Hence, human life is still fighting with coronavirus. Furthermore, the sessions delays will happen in the year 2020. Students are requested to be prepared. If the situation will get better then the examination will be conducted. Further, get noticed by government and universities about the examination.

Maharashtra University Cancelled Exam

The Maharashtra University cancelled the exam of final year. The students are given promotion on internal assessment. The university and its affiliates decide to cancel the exam. Earlier, it was decided to promote only first and second-year students on the basis of internal assessment. Only final year exams will be taken. Later, the government of Maharashtra decided to cancel the final year exams too.

With increasing Covid-19 cases it has become risky to take the examination. In India, most of the cases are from Maharashtra. Approximately, 148K cases are confirmed. More than 6000 people have died. The situation is extremely critical and horrifying. Although, the government have given some guidelines. Still, it is precarious to move out.

Maharashtra Government Words

The first and second-year examination was cancelled beforehand. In the month of July, the university was willing to take the final year examination. However, the Government of Maharashtra asked the University Grants Commission (UGC) to cancel the exam.

There are certain difficulties like:
  • Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and many others are in a red zone. They are extremely in a critical situation.
  • Many students are out of town and cities. They went to their home city in lockdown. It will be impossible for them to return back.
  • The conditions are getting worse day by day. How much precautions people are taking nothing is happening.
  • All the responsibility will be on exam commission, university and government of Maharashtra. So, this can be serious.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra said that it is impossible to conduct the examination. The final year exams were to be conducted in July. Therefore, the future can’t be predicted. The new academic year is going to start. So, students may not miss their opportunity. The students who get unsatisfactory result with their previous marks. Hence, they can request for up-gradation of marks when the situation gets normal and healthy.

Social Media News

#StudentLivesMatter is revolving on social media platforms as the earth revolves around the sun. All over India students are requesting universities to cancel the examination. Even, parents also worried about their children. One side human is fighting with corona. Another side students are fighting with the university. At this moment, we can see what impact examination can bring.

States like Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh students have started an online campaign for the cancellation of the examination. The state government will decide what to do. In Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur University is still willing to take an examination. The CBSE and ICSE board have postponed the exams. Still, Kanpur University decided to conduct the exam. The students are against the university. The exams may be held in July. People spotted as Covid-19 patients in University too. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have decided to cancel the final year exam.

Students are appealing state government to look forward. Everyone is asking, ” Do examination are more important than lives?” The university can ensure safety and guarantee that all the norms will be followed strictly. Right now, it is a pathetic situation. No one can tell what can happen in future. Exams are important for fair judgement but not more than lives.

New Academic session

The UGC has decided to make two committees. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has asked University Grants Commission to revisit the guidelines and academic calendar once more. According to which, one committee is for Haryana University to check for examination schedule and work on the alternate academic calendar. Another committee, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Vice-Chancellor Nageshwar Rao who will improve the online education system.

Due to lockdown, nobody wants to experience academic loss and harm student future. This also heard that the new session will delay a few months. The new session may start in October.

Further, universities will look after whether the examination will be conducted offline or online. All the student must be comfortable with that. They must have complete assess to technology. This can be a challenging task.

Final Year Exams are Mandatory

The HRD Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ gave a statement regarding the final year. The first-year students can be marked on their internal assessment. Intermediate or second-year students can be promoted on the basis of previous year marks and internal assessment average. The final year needs to testify. They will decide the future and build up the economy of India.

He also added that the conduction of examination in the month of July is impossible. Later, when the situation will get better then the examination will be held. The new academic session will start once the examination will get over.

If the situation will not get better in August or September then they will promote internal assessment. The new academic year for freshers will start from October onwards. Though everyone is waiting we need to keep patience.


There are pros and cons to every decision and aspect. The decisions taken by the government will be in favour of someone or not. This depends on every individual condition. Government is a regulatory body. It will take a decision considering everyone’s situation and condition.

Some may complaint and some may get benefits. Some may fail and some may pass. The decision will be fair and satisfactory. As mentioned above, the year 2020 maybe consider and count as relief year.

As per the Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also commented that it, not a threat it’s an opportunity. He said, “100 years ago, the class of 1920 also graduated during a deadly pandemic, 50 years ago, the class of 1970 graduated in the midst of the Vietnam War, and nearly 20 years ago, the class of 2001 graduated months before 9/11.” The year 2020 is challenging but full of opportunities too.

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