WataMote season 2: Release date, Plot, Characters

We have seen many examples wherein anime adaptations have become the reason for the skyrocketing sales of the mangas. WataMote is one such name, which is why WataMote Season 2 becomes an intriguing concern.

WataMote brings the slice-of-life genre to us with a dark palette. As unusual as the name of the series is, it does an excellent job at highlighting a very significant aspect of life. Communication is the basis of our society and its functioning. People who fail at it are often deemed “socially inept” or “socially awkward”. Similarly, this anime brings to life a character who finds it hard to socialize and make friends. Moreover, the surrounding atmosphere of the High School adds on to the pressure. The show presents our hard-hitting reality by infusing dark humour.

Watamote season 2

WataMote season 2: Release date.

From the schedule it was clear that the anime was supposed to support the manga and boost its sales, which it managed to accomplish. Therefore, there is no reason for the producers to revive it. Also, the source material has not circulated for quite some time now. If the writers do decide to bring back the manga, then we might perhaps be greeted with a new season to support that but otherwise, as it stands now, that seems pretty far-fetched.

Watamote season 2: Plot.

15-year-old Tomoko Kuroki believes that she would become popular upon entering high school because she has become well-versed in the world of otome games. In reality, she finds that she has become an unsociable loner, though she still forces herself to try out what she has learned about achieving popularity. As she progresses through high school, Tomoko attempts to improve her social status among her peers.

WataMote season 2: Characters.

  • Tomoko Kuroki.
  • Yū Naruse.
  • Tomoki Kuroki.
  • Kiko Satozaki.
  • Mrs. Kuroki.
  • Hina Nemoto.
  • Origino.

WataMote season 2: Trailor.

Watch trailor- WataMote.


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