What is the secret of china? How china will fight for corona?

China is famous for the great wall of china, panda, kung-fu, and viruses yes really world most dangerous viruses have come from china Like SARS, H7H4, H7H9 and now COVID-19.

According to WHO report From Nov 17, 2019, to march 30, 2020 COVID-19 attack cases in china 82,447 death 3310.

After this many viruses attack, china will stand very boldly how it is possible? let’s see

Fast-paced Action

WHO co-head Bruce Aylward told Fast-paced action is the main key for china wins the corona.

  • China built 2 hospitals with 1000 to 1300 bed facilities, 1st one take just 6 days to the built 2nd one takes 15 days to build.
  • This not new for china in 2002-2003 SARS attack they build the hospital with a 7000-bed facility within 7 days.
  • In a particular state, all collages and playgrounds were charged as the medical center within 24 hrs.
  • Maximum doctors giving consulting via online.


  • Wuhan is majorly COVID -19 vulnerability in china, so they lock down the entire Wuhan city, no one to permit to came outside.
  • All important train transport is prohibited from Wuhan city.
  • Full city monitor by CCTV.
  • All medical services were free of cost.
  • All corona affected patient admitted hospital ie were isolated from the city.
  • All organization gives work from home

These are some points for china to come back for these crises and we also pray for this world to come back to normal as much as possible.

Stay Safe. Be positive.

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