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YouTube – one of the oldest streaming platforms, that provides a free platform for newer content creators to mark themselves in the world of streaming.

Cheers, a channel that brings, What’s Your Status, a web series that talks about men and their relationship stories, which is actually their current status of their love lives.

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Directed by 3 directors, Prateek Prajosh, Amit Mishr and Madhur Agarwal.


What’s Your Status is an intimidating task, which apparently shows three separate and independent stories in a definite and narrow manner.

It talks about 3 men and how they have 3 different relationship phases, a single boy, a committed man and a married man.

Here, there is a college student who is going to experience his first love,
then there is a guy who is finding out that his love life was a joke, and the last is a young married couple who are happy with themselves but sometimes, ambition of a superb relation pulls it back or ends it.

The three directors, had a big task in front of them, to which they have done and bought justice.

Showing separate and independent stories on the screen is a difficult task even for mainstream cinema,
but these three have accomplished in creating an interesting web series that engages the audience till the end.


What’s Your Status has some of the best cast members, with the icing on the cake, being Abhay Mahajan who is the married man, struggling to find time for his wife.

In the first two episodes, Naveen Polishetty shines in whatever he is given.

And surely, Manjot Singh, who became a household name with the Fukrey franchise, has changed and developed his character with an awesome performance as the show carries forward.

The female cast members are also great support creates and great characters. Plabitha Borthakur, Anisha Victor and Megha Burman give great support and make this series one of the most watchable series on YouTube.

The first episode has received 10 million views.

What’s Your Status has it all, great direction, a warm, emotion-filled story and a screenplay that knows how to get the best out of their star cast.

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