WWE Raw ends with the looming threat of Randy Orton burning someone to death

WWE Raw has done it yet again. The show featured Randy Orton apparently burning The Fiend to death in the TLC match. So is the Fiend really dead? 2020 has been a hell of a year for WWE when it comes to pushing boundaries. From throwing men off of high roofs and gauging Ray Mysterio’s eye out to now, burning Bray Wyatt to death. As ridiculous as Pro-wrestling is, people still pay to watch the show. The TLC pay-per-view that recently aired concluded with Randy Orton assumably burning a man to death. Undoubtedly, it was a doll. But the story is that Randy burned Bray Wyatt to death in the middle of the ring.

The Inferno Match

What can be said about the Firefly Inferno match is the fact that it was visually very impressive. Randy Orton took on Bray Wyatt known by his stage name The Fiend, on Sunday for the main event. Moreover, the goal of the match was to set the opponent on fire. As the match progressed, The Fiend dominated Orton in the ring as was expected. However, the match took a turn. The Fiend’s leather jacket caught on fire which eventually led to Orton winning the match. In what was seen as the closing of the show, Orton kicks Wyatt’s lifeless body, flips him over, and douses him in gasoline. He proceeds to drop a lit match on his opponent’s body on live television.


The match between Orton and the Fiend was telecasted to millions of viewers. In such a case, WWE RAW has viewers from different age groups. This has brought about some discussions and questions of whether the scene was too explicit for young eyes and if WWE is set to follow such a set up in the coming matches. Things remain to be seen as the return of Wyatt remains uncertain. And the course of action to be taken by WWE.